Day 42: Burnt shoulders and burnt spinach!

The Pride march today was pretty awesome, and even though all our friends bailed on us pleading hangovers after last night’s gig, K and I had a great time. I have some crazy sunburn going on thanks to this clever assortment of straps and necklaces:


But it was a lot of fun and very emotional – as it always is. We meandered around the street market for a bit afterwards, which was tough because I was REALLY craving a boerewors roll. Oh that smell! Boerewors is a spicy sausage that is typically South African, and ‘boerie rolls’ are synonymous with ANY outdoor event in SA. In fact, in the major party areas, there are always people grilling boerie rolls outside clubs and bars at 3am to target the drunken munchers.

My sister, a committed vegetarian since the age of 9 (she’s 27 now) swears that the smell of boerewors on the braai (a South African BBQ) is the only thing that has ever threatened to shatter her resolve. It’s delicious and packed with flavour… but also with bits and pieces that definitely aren’t pure meat! And of course, the roll (bun) and sauces are total no-nos.

A boerewors ('farmer's sausage') roll. A real South African food.

A boerewors (‘farmer’s sausage’) roll. Quintessentially South African!

We stopped at a home decor shop on the way home (we walked, as we live less than a kilometre from the starting point of the march), and spent way too much money on some very cool stuff for our apartment. Shopping when tipsy, two weekends in a row now, has not been ideal for my budget.

Yes, today was a wine day, and as I type this, I’m on about my third glass. My tummy is unhappy right now but I’ve just eaten, and I’m now 90% sure that bananas are causing a lot of trouble for me, but I just can’t stop with them. Ai! What to do?? I’m going to have to cut them out – at least for a while. I really wish I could commit to doing it. I LOVE them. Really I do. The other day a colleague told me that the one thing she’ll never forget about working at our company is me eating bananas.


For dinner, I decided to make spinach again so that I could test it for a third day. I kept my eye on it for a while (I was steaming it) but eventually I got distracted which resulted in me burning the pot and ending up with delicious burn-flavoured spinach. It was too late to chuck it out so I drenched it in my garlic and tomato sauce and choked it down without really tasting it. Eeeew, burnt food really is the WORST. Keep an eye on your pots! And of course, maybe the spinach is causing some bloating?

Do not disturb: Yoghurt in process

I’m also in the middle of making my first batch of SCD yoghurt, as I type this! I’ve blended up the nuts and I’m just waiting for it to reach the right temperature so that I can add my cultures and put it in the yoghurt maker. I’ll write a more detailed post about it tomorrow.

We skipped the birthday party tonight (our friend actually told us she didn’t expect us to come through – it’s about an hour’s drive away!), so now we’re on the couch preparing to watch movies and drink more wine! Here are some of my favourite pics from Pride today. Enjoy 🙂

K and I :-)

K and I 🙂


One of the floats on Somerset Road in Cape Town

Our main opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, showing their support

Our main opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, showing their support


When owners start looking like their pets…


This white lesbian couple with their black baby :-)

This white lesbian couple with their black baby 🙂

My pretty girl <3

My pretty girl ❤

This straight couple dressing up their kids and bringing them to the march - melts my heart!

This straight couple dressing up their kids and bringing them to the march – melts my heart!




Why not!

Why not!

Thanks Cape Town for another great Pride!

Thanks Cape Town for another great Pride!

Day 40: Quadruple the excitement!

Four fabulous things happened today:

1. My nut milk bag arrived

2. My dad made his famous pureed spinach and I was able to have it!

3. I realised it’s day 40!

4. FREE meat!

These things might not seem so fabulous to anyone else, but for me, all four are MAJOR!

This week, and today in particular, have been exceedingly stressful at work. The team I work with is great – I really like them all, and the company itself is awesome. It’s just the damn client who’s a nightmare (isn’t that how it always goes?).

Anyway, after the stressiest work week yet, I went to my folks’ house for dins to discover that my dad had collected my nut milk bag for me. I now have all the ingredients I need to make my yoghurt, and I cannot WAIT! I’m going to try it this weekend, time permitting.

Purchased at, where they tell me it's been 'packed with love' ;-)

Purchased at, where they tell me it’s been ‘packed with love’ 😉

Then, at dinner, my dad pulled out a bowl of spinach, which he’d cooked with just salt and pepper, and pureed. There really is nothing better for an SCD belly. Plus, I’d already tested green beans for three days (Mon – Wed), but I hadn’t thought ahead to what I was going to introduce today. Voila! I was able to have the spinach without compromising my diet – in fact, it was a good thing that I was able to add something new. And it was deeeeelicious!


Now, as I typed my blog title, I realised that it’s day 40. Work has been so insane that I didn’t even write the number on my hand today. 40 really is a milestone, plus it’s nearly half way. I’m so proud of myself for having made it this far without knowingly cheating or doing anything to jeopardise my diet.

40 days, that is :-)

40 days, that is 🙂

And then there was meat

So remember a few days ago I showed you that pic of the piece of ‘metal’ I found in my venison mince? Turns out, it was a piece of buckshot. Can you actually. I mean, I love eating meat but that just brought the hunt WAY too close to home.

Anyway, the manufacturers were hugely apologetic (they said the chances were about one in a million of that happening) and to show just how contrite they were, they delivered a ‘sorry’ pack of meat to me today. This included ostrich mince, ostrich boerewors, ostrich fillet, venison mince, chicken kebabs, and entire spatchcock chicken, venison patties and two HUGE bags of biltong. I was gobsmacked. I’ve just finished loading it into our freezer and we have space for NOTHING else. I actually had to start defrosting other things!

every time you eat meat t-shirt funny tee

Unfortunately, everything except about 2 of those items contain additives like wheat, etc, so I can’t eat them. But K, an even bigger meat lover than I, is thrilled. I think that this was an incredible gesture and I’m quite overwhelmed.

So how’s the belly?

Well……………….. it’s not great today, to be honest. I ate a lot of bananas when I got home (late) after the show last night, as well as a few glasses of apple juice. This morning, I was constipated. Lately, I’ve come to rely on the regularity of my morning BMs, so I was irritable that nothing was forthcoming. This has been the trend all day, combined with – as usual – bloating. Maybe the vodka that I had last night?

My diet is becoming more and more varied so I’m hoping that at some point things will just ‘click’ into place with the right combo of fruit and veg. Maybe I need to add more fruit. Hopefully the yoghurt will help too.

I’ve also had jolting pains in my lower left quadrant for the whole day. I really think it’s stress because it started at work and I’m finding it really hard to unwind (though I really am trying).

Oh, and Eminem was AMAZING! Such an incredible performance, and he is a true legend. If you ever have the chance to see him live, grab it.


Our view from the nose-bleed seats

This is what happens when Eminem tells the crowd to put their lighters up...

This is what happens when Eminem tells the crowd to put their lighters up…

FRIDAY tomorrow guys! It’s going to be a crazy busy weekend for us. Tomorrow night we’re going to watch a band performing at a bar in Hout Bay, then Saturday is Pride (YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!), Saturday night we have a friend’s birthday party, and Sunday is the tattoo convention in Cape Town that we’re really hoping to get to. I’m exhausted just thinking about it! What are you getting up to?