Day 43: Yoghurt!

Well maybe I should say, “yoghurt”. My first batch is made!

I’ll do a proper post on the process of making it soon, but for now here’s a pic of the finished product:


It took a while to make it but it was really easy. I followed the instructions, step-by-step, that I found in Surviving to Thriving, by Jordan Reasoner and Steve Wright (the SCDLifestyle guys). Also, I should just say that I have zero affiliation with these guys. I found them online and I simply think they’re a great resource. For anyone attempting SCD, their book is an extremely valuable investment.

So I made the yoghurt and to be honest, it’s not like the choc-chip double-cream yoghurt you buy at the shop down the street. Mine is very thin, and it doesn’t look or taste like regular yoghurt. But I really like the flavour and I think I’m going to LOVE adding it to my diet.

The one thing I don’t foresee myself doing is adding it 1/8 of a teaspoon at  time as the SCD Lifestyle guys recommend. I simply don’t have that kind of restraint. But I will follow their guidelines, based on Elaine’s, that you shouldn’t consume more than 3 cups in a day. 3 cups!! I was about to say that that’ll never happen, but then again, I am the girl who eats 10 bananas in a day 😉 I will keep my consumption moderate though.

Especially because the yoghurt introduces THREE things I haven’t yet eaten: Almonds, live cultures and honey. Remember this when you introduce the yoghurt to your diet.

Other than that, I’m cutting down on bananas, at least for the next few days, so I can accurately test the effect of the yoghurt. My mom sent me this pic today for my blog, with the caption, “If you love bananas, you’re in the best company.” She took it at the Batu Caves in Kuala Lampur when she was there a few weeks ago.

if you love bananas, you're in the best company

How’s your diet going? What’s your ‘banana’? 🙂

Day 32: SCD yoghurt and bloating

Just got back from dinner at my folks. Well, my folk. My mom is in Malaysia at the moment, touring Kuala Lampur with my uncle. This is EXTREMELY brave of her as she’s never travelled alone before (he met her there from Australia) and she does a lot of the sightseeing on her own, as he’s only interested in shopping! She was a very adventurous soul as a youngster, so it’s been years since she’s done something this ‘daring’, and I’m proud of her.

Anyway, Candice (my sister) and I had a great time with my dad, just talking rubbish and eating clean (far better for the soul than talking clean and eating rubbish!). My dad cooked me gem squash and boiled eggs, to which I added my roasted garlic and some butternut.

For some reason, I was so bloated after dinner. I don’t know why – but what I do know is that it could’ve been for a million reasons. The squash and eggs were cooked perfectly, but maybe there was a pesky gluten interloper somewhere in there? Maybe I drank too much water with dinner? Maybe I ate too many eggs? I didn’t have any meat tonight, so the two eggs for breakfast and three for supper might just be WAY too many.


I’m at home now and drinking wine (must do the proper 3-day testing of course). I didn’t have a hangover today, and by the time I went to sleep last night, after my dinner and wine, I had no bloating and no discomfort, so I think the wine is okay. PHEW! I won’t overdo it though. I think a glass a day would be an absolute max, and to be honest, I’ve never been one to drink every day – weekends only, usually.

Strangely though, I woke up at about 2am and could not fall asleep again. I don’t usually have sleep troubles so it was very weird for me. A colleague told me today that alcohol can interrupt the second half of your sleep, so perhaps that was the problem. Plus, I did add coffee and wine all on the same day.


Making my own yoghurt

Today, my yoghurt maker arrived – as did the live, lactose-free yoghurt cultures that I EVENTUALLY tracked down in Joburg. They were sent to me on ice, along with a thermometer for measuring the temp of my mixture, and my lovely dad collected the lot for me from the post office.

I’ve also ordered a nut milk bag so that I can make my own nut milks, and as soon as that arrives, I will be making SCD yoghurt! I’m so excited! I feel like I’m a pair of leather sandals, a campfire and a rendition of Kumbaya away from full hippie-dom, but I do feel this is a great investment for my health.

Pretty sure this is *not* how my first batch will turn out

Pretty sure this is *not* how my first batch will turn out

The only thing that concerns me is that SCD yoghurt combines so many things in a single end ‘product’ and I haven’t tested any of them: nut milk – using almonds or coconut – honey and live cultures. But I think I’m just going to make it and see how it goes. After all, you can introduce nut milks on phase 2, and there’s no set rule about honey. The yoghurt is supposed to be so, so good for the gut, and I’m extremely excited to make it. Do any of you have any thoughts on this? I’d love to hear your experiences.