Day 8: Are you using Krill oil?

Recently, I met a girl whose sister has Crohn’s, and apparently swears by krill oil. She said that before I do anything else, I should get my hands on some. I’m not one to take the advice of real-life people when it comes to my health (I prefer the thousands of strangers on the internet 😛 ) – unless of course they’re qualified in some way – so I sort of pushed it to the back of my mind.

Yesterday I was in a health shop and I spotted some – plus it was on sale (relocation sale, not because it was off!). Why not, I thought, after checking the ingredients and seeing that it was safe. If you don’t know (I only had a vague idea), Krill are little shrimp-like creatures, and they provide an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which the body needs to perform a whole lot of vital functions.

**NOTE: Do not use krill oil if you’re allergic to shellfish or using blood thinners. In fact, don’t use krill oil on my advice – speak to your doctor or nutritionalist first!

According to this article on CNN, the benefits of krill oil include an antioxidant function, cholesterol reduction, relief of PMS symptoms (yay!) and of course, the boost in brain functioning that Omega 3 acids are renowned for. Plus, it may also aid in pain relief for ailments such as arthritis. I suffer from terrible joint pain when I’m having a flare, and occasionally in between too, so this is great news.

I’ll start taking it tonight and let you know if my Einstein gene kicks in 😉

How I’m feeling

I’m more than a week in, and getting to grips with the SCD. Yesterday my diet of apple puree, eggs, grilled steak, pureed carrots and bananas seemed to suit me well, though I’m going to take it easy on the fruit and start phasing in some veg instead. I know that it’s not a great idea for me to overdo it on the fruit and I’m loving the feeling of not being bloated.


I had a satisfactory BM this morning and it’s amazing how something so simple can really put you in a great mood for the day. For people like us, our BMs are one of the the most crucial indicators of our intestinal health, so when they’re good, we feel good too.

What veg to phase in this week? Hmmm. I’m trying to decide between zucchini and butternut. I love them both so I guess I’ll see what the supermarket shelves offer me 😉

Looking at this colourful image below makes me so excited for what lies ahead on this diet. Okay, not all of those items are legal, but many of them are, and I’m soooo looking forward to reintroducing many of them. Which is your fav?



It’s very important to take the right supplements while on SCD – especially the intro diet. I’ve heard this from multiple internet sources, as well as one real-life SCD practitioner!

At the moment, I take the following supplements (this is trial and error; by no means a definitive – or even a correct – list. Trial and error, as I say):

– Pro-biotic

– Calcium supplement

– Vitamin B supplement

– Vitamin D12 supplement

– Loads and loads of water 🙂