Day 37: 5 awesome things I can eat right now

I want to show you that being on SCD, even at this early stage in the game, is not impossible or even very difficult. It can be boring, sure, and it can be time-consuming, definitely. But with a little imagination (another essential element on this diet), you can make your meals pretty damn enjoyable.

Tonight I introduced green beans. I’m feeling a little gassy, I can’t lie, but I’m not uncomfortably bloated or anything. Plus, I had such a full plate of food tonight that I realised I can start mixing up my meals and alternating my veg. Which is what brought me to this post 🙂

So here are 5 pretty delicious things I can (and do) eat at the moment:

– Egg omelette with garlicky tomatoes and green beans (will try it this weekend)

You can get really creative with your omelette fillings. Use any veg that you've already phased in and that agrees with you, like spinach, mushrooms or peppers

You can get really creative with your omelette fillings. Use any veg that you’ve already phased in and that agrees with you, like spinach, mushrooms or peppers

– Grilled chicken with avo and boiled zucchini or carrot sauce

– Banana ‘ice cream’ (chop a few bananas, freeze them, them dump them into your food processor to make ‘ice cream’ – such a treat!)

– Gem squash with tomato and garlic sauce (one of my current favourite meals)

– Steak with avocado, butternut and mushrooms (if mushrooms agree with you)


– Bonus: Very ripe bananas or ripe avo. I list these as bonuses because they require no preparation (they are the only raw things I can eat thus far) and are absolutely delicious even on their own.

A note about avos

Avocado can really transform your meals so if you can tolerate it and you like it, try to introduce it as early on in phase 2 as possible. I adore the creaminess, especially combined with meat (it takes the place of sauce wonderfully), and it’s a fantastic, filling snack on its own. The healthy fats are phenomenally good for you and a great addition at this stage of the diet.


Other things you could phase in right now on Phase 2:

– Honey

– Pineapples, apricots and plums

– Peppers, spinach, cucumber (de-seeded and cooked), asparagus and pumpkin

– Nut milks (homemade)

I think that after green beans, I’ll add pineapple, pepper and SCD yoghurt made with homemade nut milk, before moving on to Phase 3.

How are you progressing so far on this diet?

Day 23: Hello Phase 2!

This really feels like quite a milestone, even though in real terms, all it meant was a bowl of mashed avocado added to tonight’s dinner – but I can assure you, it was the best tasting avo I’ve ever had! 😉

My body actually had a few new experiences today. First there was the SCD-legal rooibos and vanilla tea, which didn’t really do me any favours, and then there was the apple juice, which was sinfully delicious. Even though it’s healthy and 100% organic and pure, it’s obviously still not wise to overdo it. I’m limiting myself to 100-200ml of it per day.

The avo with my dinner was amaaaazing! I actually froze it weeks ago in anticipation of this night, and just defrosted it and mashed it up before dinner. I had it with grilled chicken, gem squash and butternut, so I’m really getting to a point where I can have quite a varied meal.

I mashed my avo but you don't have to

I mashed my avo but you don’t have to

On the breakfast and lunch fronts though, I’m still seriously lacking creativity. Breakfast is still two boiled eggs each morning, and lunch is usually bananas. Today I had fewer bananas and I’m definitely trying to cut down on them. Tomorrow I’ll have avo for lunch.

Errrr... I think you messed some on your face.

Errrr… I think you messed some on your face.

Bloating, gas or cramps today? 

Yes, no and yes.

I haven’t really had any gas, but I did feel a tightness in my belly this morning after the rooibos tea. Later in the afternoon, I experienced some fleeting stabbing pains in my lower left quadrant, which I know is an area usually associated with UC. So while it’s not surprising, it is interesting. Why was I having those pains? Before the avo tonight, the only new things were the drinks.

But it could also have been (yet) another overload of bananas – or stress caused by an extremely difficult client I dealt with today, or my body being slightly compromised by a bad bout of hayfever, or a variety of other environmental factors. Remember that it’s always difficult to pinpoint the exact reason for your symptoms if you’ve been treating your body well. If you’ve been out on a massive bender and then binged on super-sized McDonalds… well, I think you can be pretty sure what caused your discomfort 😉

For the most part, we can mitigate certain factors that affect our health, like the food we put into our bodies, how much (or too much!) exercise we do, and how much sleep we get. We can mitigate stress to some degree, but it’s not always possible to manage it completely. At the end of the day, we’re just human. Plus, there are so many environmental, genetic and psychological factors that contribute to our overall health.

The point is, do what you can. Diet will help; attitude will help; medication will help. But symptoms can and do happen – it’s just the nature of our disease. When they do, do whatever you can to ensure your comfort – you know your body best. Then try to stay calm and let it pass. If it doesn’t pass, always seek medical help!

Anyway, back to my belly today 😛 This evening after dinner I experienced mild discomfort, but I’m a complete idiot and gobbled two bananas after dinner, so perhaps it was those (and not the avo). I’ll have avo on its own for lunch tomorrow to gauge my reaction better.

And what about BMs?

This morning was so-so but this evening, after exercising and eating dinner, I had an extremely satisfying BM that really made me feel tons better, and removed any discomfort. The extra fat in my dinner tonight, thanks to the avo, might’ve been just what I was needing.

23 days in and feeling strong. Although… not strong enough just yet to tackle that carrot juice!