Day 75: 4 natural sore throat remedies – SCD legal/paleo


I’ve had a sore, scratchy throat for the past few days, and when this happened to me at the start of SCD, I made the mistake of taking OTC lozenges. They caused me a lot of bloating and they’re probably packed with illegal ingredients.

This time, I did a bit of research to find out what I could legally use on SCD to soothe my sore throat, and I found some really easy, effective fixes. These work for paleo too:

1. Gargle with apple cider vinegar mixed with water. I did this today and it tasted revolting (careful of gag reflex!) but it works. I found this remedy at, who also say that you can swallow the concoction, if you can stomach it, for a potassium boost, and that you should also rinse your mouth out afterwards to prevent the vinegar from damaging the enamel on your teeth. There are lots of other SCD legal remedies on the site – check them out.


2. Gargle with salt water. I found this tip at, where the author says, “I always use this tactic at the onset of a sore throat. It’s known to draw excess fluid from inflamed tissues in the throat, which makes it hurt less. It’s also beneficial during a full-blown cold because it helps break up mucus. Be sure to use warm filtered water and sea salt, not iodized table salt.” I haven’t tried this yet but it sounds easy and effective. Read the post for more SCD legal natural cold remedies.

3. Honey and lemon. This is obviously phase-dependent. If you’re able to tolerate both these foods, drizzle honey over lemon slices and suck on these to soothe your angry throat. Thanks to for this great tip – just thinking about it feels soothing! You can also squeeze the lemon into a mug, add your honey, fill with hot (not boiling) water and drink. Thanks to for this remedy (click to see more).


4. Drink lots of water. Often, a sore throat is accompanied by dryness, irritation and tickles. Keep water on hand at all times and drink whenever needed or as often as possible. Not only does it instantly calm your throat, but you’re drinking more water! This was a lifesaver for me today (since I couldn’t, obviously, have an actual Lifesaver 😉 )

Do you have any tried-and-tested, SCD legal sore throat remedies? Please share! 🙂


Day 5: Taken with a pinch of salt

I feel like I’m really getting into this diet now. Sure, in meetings I often drift off, thinking about which food I’m going to add next. I literally get asked a question while I’m busy trying to decide between butternut and zucchini… 😛

I’m still on the boiled egg bus, and bananas are going well and adding that lovely sweetness that I crave. A little belly gurgling but nothing else to report – my tummy really is feeling loved and cared for. Most importantly, I feel like I’m healing. I feel like everything I’m doing is helping my gastrointestinal system to repair itself.

One of the BEST things I ever read about the SCD was that salt (natural sea salt, not table salt) is LEGAL, even from the start! I am a total salt fiend; I add it to all my food. I probably got this from my dad: He even sprinkles salt over fruit, and I’ll never forget his habit of chopping gherkins into his trifle!

I know salt has a bad reputation; we’re always told to eat less of it. But salt is not only good for us – we need it to survive. And on a diet this bland (especially the beginning phases), it’s a food ‘luxury’ I’m grateful for.

When I was reading up about SCD-related constipation today, I came across this reassuring paragraph written by Steve from

Salt is your friend, regardless of what you’ve heard or read, you need salt to live.  We are living things and are sustained with small electrical charges, these charges are dependent on electrolytes.  Lose too many electrolytes that the electricity in your body doesn’t flow as freely and you’ll being [sic] to suffer health consequences and can even die.  Salt is one of the most important if not most important of these electrolytes.

The rest of his article on constipation is extremely helpful and well worth a read.

I’m pretty sure I’m getting enough salt – probably erring on the side of generosity in fact. As the diet progresses I’ll probably need it less, but for now, it’s been a very useful ‘treat’.

Tomorrow is Friday and I plan to cook a nice big batch of food that I can store.

So far, I’m definitely on track. It’s not easy and people don’t always understand when you refuse their offers of food. BUT you have to stay strong, no matter how ‘bad’ or ‘guilty’ you feel for refusing their treats. Screw that! This is about YOUR health, and you should only ever feel bad or guilty when you compromise it.

Remember that every time you’re faced with a cake-totting colleague or a well-meaning friend, you’re going to have to make a hard choice. That sneaky slice of cheesecake could set you back right to the beginning. You’ve already put in so much hard work. Don’t waste it!