Day 34: Amazing food without cheating!

I knew today would be better than yesterday, and it was 🙂

Work was still pretty shit. The day after a big screw-up is still the day after a big screw-up. But I left work earlier than usual, swung by my favourite supermarket, and picked up some gorgeous wine for tonight.


Cappupino Cinnotage by Boland Cellar. Absolutely decadent!

As soon as K got home, we cracked open our coffee pinotage and retired to the couch. Unexciting as it is, our favourite way to spend a Friday night is together, just the two of us, watching series and eating yummy food.

By the time supper rolled around, I was onto my third glass of wine. Perhaps a bit too much for day 34, but I feel I’ve been SO controlled for more than a month, that it’s not the end of the world.

You say tomato…

Hello tomatoes! My tummy felt great today, all day, despite TWO cups of coffee at work (about 4 hours apart), so I decided it was time to test the tomatoes. I plonked them in two batches into boiling water to make it easy to remove the skin. Don’t leave them in too long! I made that mistake with the first batch, which made it difficult to get the seeds out (as they just fall apart). One minute is enough. I peeled them all, cut them into quarters, and scraped out the seeds and ‘veins’, and then placed all the flesh into a pot of water with some chopped garlic (yay for garlic!).

Not mine... but mine will look this profesh next time round ;-)

Not mine… but mine will look this profesh next time round 😉

While it cooked, I made some gem squash and grilled a piece of venison meat. Venison is interesting. It smells terrible when it’s cooking – like wet dog. The whole apartment stank! But it tastes great. Even K liked it, and she usually tells me that my SCD meat tastes like ‘balloon’.

While I was cooking, I asked her to mash my avo for me. Mashing it is not essential but I prefer it. This is what she did:


So cute! And then, my dinner was ready. And this is what it looked like:

Venison steak, gem squash and butternut, and tomato sauce with garlic

Venison steak, gem squash and butternut, and tomato sauce with garlic

It was such a wonderful dinner, with so many different flavours. I LOVE adding avo to my meal. It works especially well with meat, and the creaminess fills the void that may be left by a lack of sauce or flavourings.

It’s been about an hour or two since I ate, and I feel fine. No bloating as yet, and no discomfort. While I’m relying on the squashy veg almost daily, I’m adding more and more elements to create different kinds of meals.

The problem with wine

The wine seems to be going well, but there’s just one problem: It always has, and seems to still, cause me intense cravings. When I drink, all I want is SUUUUUGGGAAAAAAAAR. I haven’t cheated and I won’t, but it’s a consuming desire that I can’t seem to talk myself out of. K is sitting next to me eating Lindt balls that I bought for her. I saw them in the supermarket and I couldn’t resist, because they are CARAMEL! I’ve never seen them before and she loves caramel. I am quite literally salavating at the sight. Red wine and chocolate would be my personal heaven right now. I mean, just look at these babies!


But if this is the worst of it, I can handle it. I’ll have another banana, I’ll finish my wine, and I’ll brush my teeth. I am so excited to be expanding my diet with exciting new foods every few days, and the cravings, while not entirely pleasant, are completely manageable.

Now it’s time for movies, then a hot shower and a delicious soft bed. Oh weekend, how I love you!

How is your eating going?