Day 88: Colitis risk factors & a few more tips to beat the bloat

Before I get into this post, I just have to tell you that I fed K another SCD meal tonight, and she loved this one so much she had THIRDS! As a once-vehement opponent to anything SCD, this is AMAZING progress and I’m so proud of us both – me for cooking something awesome and K for being brave enough to try it!

Anyway, onto the important stuff. As you’ll know if you follow my blog, one of my biggest GI problems (now that my UC symptoms are under control) is bloating.

Despite being a super healthy eater (or maybe because of it!), my mom also suffers from frequent bloating, and she has for pretty much her whole adult life. She suspects that she may have a sensitivity or intolerance to lactose, but unlike me, she’s never been tested (I think she’s too afraid to have to give up her cappucinos!).

Do you have similar GI symptoms to anyone in your family? Many researchers believe that there is a genetic link or predisposition to gastrointestinal disorders and diseases like UC and Crohn’s. Of course, no one knows the actual cause for sure, and there are many factors that are known to increase your risk of developing it, such as:


I tick many (if not all) of those boxes. How about you?

Anyway, now that the most severe symptoms are mercifully under control due to diet and medication, I’m focusing on beating the bloat. Turns out, it’s much harder to conquer bloating than the symptoms of colitis!

That said, here are a few more diet tweaks that can help to minimise bloating (these target all my personal trigger factors):

  • Eat smaller portions of fruit and veg
  • Eat more lean protein and less veg at meals
  • Don’t drink large amounts of liquid in a single go (like downing a glass of water)
  • Don’t wear too-tight trousers or jeans – this makes me feel sooo uncomfortable even before I’ve eaten anything
  • Keep a food diary and track your intake and symptoms to identify problem foods
  • Reduce or cut out dairy (it’s worth being tested to find out if you’re lactose intolerant)
  • Eat less salt
  • Don’t binge eat!
  • Avoid carbonated drinks

What works for you?


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