Day 85: Surprising remedies for constipation

So this is something I’ve been battling with for several weeks – I just can’t seem to get onto an even keel with my BMs. But I’ve been going through my food diary (I still can’t believe I’m actually keeping one – it’s sooo useful), and I suddenly discovered that my BMs were great when I was drinking apple juice.


I don’t always have it at home – there’s only one brand that I’ve found in Cape Town that makes 100% pure apple juice with no additives, and I can’t always get it. When I do, I stock up, though I usually guzzle my way through it quite fast!

Anyway, I’m guessing the owners of the deli downstairs have treated themselves to a new toy because they’ve also started selling their own ‘homemade’ pure apple juice. Until I get my own juicer, this is the perfect solution. YAY!

Here are some other things that I think may be helping to alleviate my constipation:

  • Pure apple juice
  • Hot toddies (noticed improved BMs when I was drinking these – lemon, honey and ginger)
  • Magnesium (I stopped taking magnesium supplements a few weeks ago, and have recently resumed)*
  • Cooking veg for shorter periods of time
  • Eating vegetable skins/seeds

I also am starting to suspect that I might react to red meat in large quantities (ie, eating a big steak). Anyone else react to red meat? Also, please feel free to share any constipation tips/cures you may have!

*Always check with your doctor before adding any supplements to your diet.

4 thoughts on “Day 85: Surprising remedies for constipation

    • Thanks so much for the great feedback. I really appreciate your comment and I’m glad you’re enjoying my site. Thanks very much for stopping by!


  1. I just discovered your blog today and have truly enjoyed it. I appreciate your condor and honesty. I wish you luck and a happy belly while on your quest for wellness!


    • Hi Sarah, thanks so much for your kind words. I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog and I really appreciate that you took the time to stop by. Good luck in your quest for health too!


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