Day 80: 10 goals for 10 more days


I can’t believe I’ve been on SCD for 80 days. For any of you just starting out or even thinking about doing it, let me assure you, the time flies. 

It hasn’t always been easy but it’s been MUCH easier that I thought it would be, and I’ve learnt some pretty awesome things about myself and others along the way, like the fact that I can actually go to a social event and have an amazing time without stuffing my face. That there’s more to life than the food on offer. And that people are far more accommodating and much less judgemental than I sometimes give them credit for.

I have only 10 days left before I complete the 90 day challenge, and I’m extremely proud of my progress. Given that I’m so close to the end, I need some goals to focus on to really see a last good burst of progress before the end.  I also need to know what I’m focusing on going forward, so here’s a handy bullet list I’ve created for myself:

1. Continue to try to identify foods that cause bloating and discomfort, and remove them or limit my intake.

2. Practice self control – stick to reasonable portion sizes and don’t eat entire jars of nut butter over the course of a weekend.


3. Experiment with ingredients to create interesting meals that I can incorporate into my new lifestyle.

4. Think about food rotations for ALL meals. Once I’ve added all tolerated SCD foods to my diet, I need to draw up an eating plan that rotates all three meals of the day on a 3-day basis (at the least). That means if I have eggs for breakfast today, I have to wait three days before having them again.

5. Start introducing more fruits and spices to vary my diet. Fruit (if tolerated) will make excellent breakfasts/lunches and snacks, and will probably give me a vitamin boost I need.

6. Commit to staying calm, focused and forgiving even when I’m having a bad gut day. That means no more panicking during a bout of diarrhoea. It’s happened two or three times on this diet and it was never a flare, so no need to panic.

7. Don’t stop tweaking my diet until my BMs are satisfactory most of the time.

8. Decide on a long-term diet plan – SCD, GAPS or paleo, but definitely dairy, grain and sugar free. The commitment is what’s kept me on track.


9. Add an extra 10 days after the last 10 days. A round’ ‘100’ sounds great 🙂

10. Treat myself to an amazing holiday at the end of 100 days.

Bonus! 11: Get K to eat an entire SCD meal! That’s the hardest one of all 🙂

Okay, so 10 is a bit of a cheat because that’s already planned… but I think I deserve it – and far better to reward myself with a holiday than with food!

Oh, and I’m no longer daydreaming about cake, chocolate, donuts and chips… I’ve come a looooong way from Day 1!

Happy 100 days to me! This is where I'll be :-)

Happy 100 days to me! This is where I’ll be 🙂

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