Day 55: Current SCD round-up – how I’m feeling and what I’m eating

Phase 3 has been the least dramatic change so far, as all I’ve added is onion. I seem to be getting stuck in a bit of a food rut, with my meat, beans, butternut and avo – and of course a million bananas a day. I know I differ from most people in this regard, but if the SCD diet were to stop here, and I had to eat only these foods for ever more, I’d really be okay with that. I don’t really get bored with eating the same old foods every day – which is a bit of a super-power on SCD.

What my current meals look like


Since the beginning of SCD, I’ve been eating boiled eggs for breakfast. I’m not sick of them and I feel they really fill me up. They also make a great snack before a work-out. At this stage of SCD, there are few other ‘breakfasty’ foods available to you, so unless you’re willing to eat meat and veg for breakfast, eggs are your best bet (if you can tolerate them). You could also have egg and banana pancakes, or omelettes.



For lunch, I usually have leftovers from dinner. It’s easy and filling, and convenient too. If I don’t have any leftovers, I’ll have a few bananas and maybe half an avo or some defrosted meatballs.



I usually have anywhere between 3 or 5 veggies with dinner each night, like a combination of butternut, gem squash, green beans, tomatoes, garlic, coriander, onion, spinach or  zucchini, along with some meat (chicken, fish, beef or venison) and some avocado.

I’ve also been eating SCD yoghurt after supper, with added honey, as my dessert. I have SUCH a sweet tooth.



At the beginning of the diet – probably for the first 30 days or so – I suffered from bad constipation. Now, apart from the odd hiccup, I have regular BMs every morning, and occasionally at night too. They are usually fairly well formed, and most days, I feel properly empty afterwards.

Although you shouldn’t spend more time in the loo than necessary, I also find that it can really make you so uncomfortable  to leave to bathroom too early, and to then experience constipation for the rest of the day. My new rule is that even if I’m running late for work or an appointment, it’s SO worth (literally) sitting it out for another few minutes to make sure I’m done.

Easiest and most difficult things about SCD so far

Having food ready every day and/or cooking on the fly are still the most challenging things for me. Because you need to cook your food for so long, and because you need to plan ahead, you need to have good time management skills! I also still forget to take food with me when I go out, which means that when hunger strikes, I’m stuck. Always take food with you, and try to include a few things in your diet that you can eat easily and without preparing (like ripe bananas or avos).

Another difficult thing is admitting what foods don’t agree with you. For example, I love bananas, and on any given day, I eat between 8 and 10 of them. But I know they can easily make me bloated. I know I will need to give them up (or at least limit them) when my diet expands a bit more.

I also had to give up mushrooms after I tested then in phase 2, and the last batch of yoghurt that I made simply didn’t agree with me. Not everything you test is going to pass, and you have to be patient enough to test SLOWLY. That means ONE new food every three days. Hard! But testing is at the very heart of this diet’s success, and if you don’t do it properly, you’re wasting your time.

Easiest things? Nothing! This diet isn’t easy and if you go into it looking for shortcuts or easy ways out, you’re probably going to make it even harder for yourself, or you’re going to fail.  It’s a big challenge and it’s best to accept that before you even get started on it. Things get easier when you accept that you can’t eat out like you used to, and you simply can’t eat the way you used to. Face these realities head-on and honestly, and it’ll be easier to do the diet successfully.

Would I do it again, from scratch?

Yes! Even if this diet doesn’t end up working for me, I’m so glad I’m doing it, because I’m proving to myself that I CAN do it. I’m proving that I can commit to something for 90 days, even when it’s not fun or easy or pretty. It’s testing my mettle, and I want to prove that I have it in me. Plus, I’m getting to write this blog, which is the best part of all 🙂 Sharing this journey with you, and hearing your experiences, is making everything a little easier and a lot more WORTH IT!

This isn't specifically SCD-related, but I thought it pretty funny - and astute!

This isn’t specifically SCD-related, but I thought it pretty funny – and astute!

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