Day 53: Homemade almond milk

I’m very keen to make SCD yoghurt work for me, but the first batch I made, using ground almonds, seemed to disagree with my gut. Since I still had half a kilo of almonds left, I figured I’d try to make the yoghurt using almond milk instead. It may be easier to digest than actual pieces of nut, and according to the phases on, you can introduce nut milks from the second phase.

I used a very easy recipe that I found at to make the milk. I followed it step by step and it was just as easy as the author promised:


Use a blender to grind up the nuts, then strain the mixture through a sieve lined with a nut milk bag


Carefully gather the mixture in your nut milk bag and squeeze out as much of the milk as you can

Voila - homemade almond milk!

Voila – homemade almond milk! Jars lovingly labelled by my special K

I now have about 1.5l of almond milk in the fridge, and I’m going to attempt the yoghurt tomorrow using my starter once again, as well as honey, vanilla extract and gelatine to thicken it. The milk itself is super creamy and would probably be amazing with legal granola/muesli, or even in tea or coffee.

I’m also on day 2 of testing onions, so I think I’ll go on to the yoghurt after that. If it’s unsuccessful again, I’ll try using coconut milk next time. Not going to give up on this until I find a option that works!

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