Day 52: Back on top and looking for your stress-busting tips

Guys, it was a false alarm! Despite having ongoing GI issues as a result of my UC, I never actually get stomach bugs, so I have no idea what they feel like. All I thought was – OMG it’s a flare. And that is exactly what it felt like. After all, I’ve always known I’m for-sure in a flare when I’m getting up in the night.

Anyway, it seemed to be clear yesterday, and today it definitely is. I was a little bloated all day, but I had zero diarrhoea. In fact, I’m a little backed up, but right now, rather that. Oh my gosh, I can’t tell you how relieved I am.


Today I was feeling brave enough to add onion. I’d probably have waited longer if I didn’t have a whole cooked batch waiting for me in the fridge, and that ever-present nagging voice telling me not to waste food. The onion tasted good but because I was already a little off-kilter, I’m not sure whether I reacted to it. I don’t feel worse, and I’ll test again tomorrow and Thurs and see how it goes.


So how do I cut down on the stress?

Meanwhile, I’m trying to find ways to stress less. I know how important it is, and my mom’s stern talking-to yesterday has sunk in. I MUST find ways to deal with my stress, but how? What do you all do? I can’t keep putting my body through all this:


To reduce stress, this is what people on the internet apparently do. Do any of these work for you?


I did yoga for years, and I enjoyed it, but I never switched off. I’d use the cool-down time to make to-do lists in my head or think about work or social plans or my weight or…

I haven’t exercised in a few weeks either because I’ve had a persistent cough/cold that’s made me quite chesty, and as much as I wanted to push through, I know that it’s counter-productive to exercise when ill. But I definitely think exercise is one of the best ways for me to de-stress.

What works for you guys? How do you keep the stress and anxiety at bay? I could really use some tips because clearly I’m not managing it on my own. SCD is as much a mental challenge as it is a dietary one, and while I’m finding it easy to avoid sugar, grain and pre-packaged foods, I’m not finding it so easy so avoid stress, anxiety, frustration and anger.

Please share your tips – I could really use them.

4 thoughts on “Day 52: Back on top and looking for your stress-busting tips

  1. I have Crohn’s and I can completely relate to not knowing the difference between a flare and a stomach bug, hope you’re feeling better soon! 😦

    Whenever I feel stressed I just try to do what I can in the moment to calm down and relax, sometimes that means taking a walk outside or sitting quietly by myself for a minute and usually always ends with a glass of wine or two! Lol.


    • WINE is always a winner! And I’m definitely trying to find ways to calm myself down in the moment. Thanks for your advice 🙂


  2. I must admit that managing my stress levels has always been a big thing for me. The majority of Crohn’s flare-ups that I have experienced, directly link to my stress levels at the time. My “go-to” stress reduction techniques include meditation, reading, listening to music and (provided I am physically up to it) exercise. I could drone on about this for ages but I will spare you that and just stick a link below to an article I did about this on my blog:


    • Hey Stephen, thanks so much for stopping by, as always, and for your comment. Your article raises such excellent points, and I’m sorry I haven’t read it sooner. You’re absolutely right that IBD takes you to some very dark places – and that when you’re in remission, you feel unbeatable! It’s a psychological disease as much as it is a physiological one, and I think that’s the challenge every day. I can also completely relate to not wanting to consider myself a ‘sick’ person – in fact I always say, ‘I’m not sick – it’s just this thing that I have’, which is probably not productive and – yes – smacks of HUGE denial. Thanks again for a great post that’s really put into words everything I’m feeling. All the best to you.


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