Day 41: The worst thing you can do for UC

I’m sorry I skipped this post last night. We got home late from a gig at a bar in Hout Bay, and I was feeling yukky and tired.

The whole week I’ve been having cramps and discomfort in my stomach/colon, which means that for most of the day yesterday, I was stressing about whether I’m about to have another flare. know how bad it is to stress about this. You know it too. Why do we do it??

Selfie of me at the bar last night

Selfie of me at the bar last night

I kept trying to talk myself down but by the time we got to the bar last night, and my tight, gassy, noisy belly was making me long for my bed, I was convinced. This really is completely counterproductive and one of the worst things you can do for UC. Talk yourself OUT of flares, not into them!

Exactly how it feels

Exactly how it feels

Luckily, we came home, I spent some QT in the loo, had a long hot shower, and felt loads better. It’s not in the least surprising that after the week I’d had, my belly would be unhappy. Add to that the fact that I ate a whole avo and a bunch of bananas (quite literally) before we went out, washed down with a glass or two of wine, and it is freakin clear as day why there was a riot in my belly.


Us at Pride 2013, showing our support for our US friends before Prop8 was overturned

Us at Pride 2013, showing our support for our US friends before Prop8 was overturned

Today I feel good. In fact, I feel GREAT because it’s Pride and we’re going to march in a few hours. I really think it’s so important that we celebrate our freedom in South Africa. And it’s not just freedom to be gay. In SA, we’re have complete freedom of choice (obviously as far as your human rights don’t infringe on anyone else’s) – which means that whatever your race, religion, favourite colour or food allergy, you’re free to live the way you want. That’s not to say that there isn’t discrimination. There is. Which is of course another huge reason to hit the streets today and make a noise!

Pride 2012

Pride 2012

I’m starting the day with eggs and coffee – my favourite, though it feels like I’m someone’s grandpa! –  and I’ve bought a ton of veg to cook tomorrow for the week.

How’s your weekend going?

2 thoughts on “Day 41: The worst thing you can do for UC

  1. Ugh, I know the feeling of getting home from an outing and feeling absolutely miserable and wanting nothing more than to pass out in bed, hoping that by the time you wake, you will feel better.

    Have fun at Pride today! That’s great that South Africa is so accepting. I believe we’re moving toward that (in a legal sense, at least…) but it’s going to be fought at every turn. In the state where my best friend lives, gay marriage was declared legal a few months ago, and couples were waiting in line for hours at the courthouses to get married! It was so exciting. And then, people started to fight the ruling, so now there’s a big legal debate going on, trying to un-legalize gay marriage, and the state is refusing to recognize the gay marriages it already performed. WHAT.


  2. Kel keeps a very close eye on American politics, esp when it comes to the gay stuff, because she a) LOVES America and b) really wants us to move there one day. Every time another legalises marriage, she’s thrilled, and I really think your country is making great strides.

    So sad that after all the time spent legalising it in certain states – not to mention how ecstatic people must be – they want to go back on that, and to nullify those marriages that have already taken place. I totally agree with you: WHAT.

    SA has lots of other problems though, as you know. LOTS.


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