Day 39: Apple juice… and vodka

As you’ll know if you’ve read my earlier posts, I started testing wine last week. It went okay but I could definitely tell that affected my gut: I had some pain and bloating, so I’ve decided that it’s something I should only indulge in moderately – like twice a week max.

Today a colleague who knows of my tummy woes asked me about other types of alcohol. Most are illegal, but one of the few that is allowed on SCD is vodka – and I’ve always enjoyed it. But I’ve also always consumed my vodka with Diet Coke, which is a big no-no for me now. I’ve tried it with soda water but that, too, causes me bloating. All gassy drinks disagree with me. So she suggested I try it with apple juice… which I’ve just done.

It seems so ironic to mix vodka with my 100% pure and natural juice, but I did and it was very tasty. I drank it about an hour ago so I’ve yet to determine any ill effects, but for now – bar a floaty head – I feel fine.


If you do choose to drink legal spirits, make sure they don’t contain any grains or potato extracts. While most forms of vodka have been distilled to the point that these elements are gone, some do still contain them.

Other than that, the food is going well. I’m enjoying my meals and not experiencing any discomfort from the food I’m eating, except for bananas. These do cause me some bloating and discomfort if I eat too many of them, or if they’re not ripe enough. I have also learnt that I can’t handle mushrooms.

Shortly, we’ll be heading off to the Eminem concert, and I’m SOOO excited. We live right opposite the Cape Town stadium, and I can already hear that the party is underway with the opening acts. The streets are streaming with people and it’s a great vibe. I can’t WAIT for the show!

Will definitely report back tomorrow 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day 39: Apple juice… and vodka

  1. I’ll have to try apple juice and vodka sometime. I tried apple juice and whiskey about a month ago (before I knew I was pregnant, ha) and it was REVOLTING. I was desperate (high anxiety day) and we didn’t have anything else in the house, but I couldn’t take more than two sips. BLEH. So nasty.


  2. UGH, whiskey! I can’t stand the stuff – not even the smell! But I get that when you need a drink, you’ll take what you can get! I agree, it’s totally nasty. The vodka and apple juice was actually REALLY nice. I’m just not sure my colon agreed :-/


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