Current diet round-up

Since I’ve been on the SCD for 32 days, I thought I’d give a quick overview of all the things I’m eating and drinking right now, as well as the supplements I’m taking, to give you an idea of where you might expect to be at a similar point. Of course, it’s different for everyone and you must go at your own pace. I’ve introduced all new foods (starred*) at an interval of 3 to 4 days.


Chicken (grilled; skinless and boneless OR with skin removed after cooking; boiled or baked)

Beef (mince/steak; lean, with fat trimmed off; grilled)

Fish (baked)

Venison (steak/mince; grilled/grilled meatballs)

Ostrich (mince; grilled meatballs)


Carrot (cooked until very soft; pureed)


Gem squash*

Zucchini* (peeled and seeds removed)


Mushroom (tested; doesn’t agree with me)


Apple (tested; doesn’t agree with me)

Bananas* (very ripe, with brown spots)

Pear* (cooked and pureed)

Avocado* (raw; ripe)


Salt (pure; no additives; no anti-caking agents)

Black pepper (ground; no additives; non-irradiated)



100% pure apple juice with no preservatives

Rooibos tea

Rooibos tea with vanilla

Coffee (ground; weak/diluted; one cup per day)*

Wine (dry; max one glass per day)*




Vitamins B, C and D


Introducing next:



This is only Phase 2 and already my diet is fairly varied (all things considered), so be positive and have hope because it gets easier and easier 🙂


4 thoughts on “Current diet round-up

    • Thanks Heather! Actually writing it out made me feel like, wow! There’s actually a lot I can eat. And it keeps getting easier. I just bought my tomatoes for tomorrow 🙂


  1. Yay, good job! The first couple of months is the most difficult. I have had a 100% Paleo diet since September of last year (gluten free before that) & it’s just comes naturally now. Hopefully, as you get the your trigger foods narrowed down, it will all run smoothly for you. It’s amazing the changes that can be made when you are completely aware of everything you put into your body 🙂


    • Thanks so much Tricia. Yes, I was told the first month is the hardest, and I certainly had days when I was moody, battling cravings and just plain frustrated. I’m already feeling so much better and yes, it’s AMAZING how this diet can precisely target your triggers. Each day makes it easier to get over the cravings and actually *want* to be healthier and cleaner. It keeps getting easier to eat like this (thank goodness!).


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