Day 30: 30! 30! 30! 30! 30! 30! 30!

Did you catch that?

I can’t BELIEVE I’m on day 30 already. In fact I just had to go back and double-check all my posts because I really cannot believe that I’m already a third of the way through.


I’ve gone for a month without coffee, wine, chocolate, cake, cookies, most of the veg I love, pretty much all the fruit I enjoy – basically everything fun. And you know what? The cravings are pretty much gone. Funnily enough, when I do crave something, it’s usually something healthy that I can’t eat right now, but will be able to in the future.

In these 30 days, my perspective has changed

I started SCD because I wanted to get off my meds, and I wanted to put an end to all the symptoms my meds couldn’t control: Bloating, gas, cramps and the constant fear of unpredictable flares.

But having read so many people’s stories, I realise that there’s an even more important reason to be doing this: I don’t want to end up having surgery. Even if you do everything you can (in your power) to control your IBD, it could always rear its ugly head and turn your life upside down. So you really, really owe it to yourself to do everything you can – everything in your power – to try to prevent that. It’s still no guarantee, but it’s the best you’ve got and it’s the most powerful tool in your armoury. USE it.


Also, I started this as a 90-day challenge. And it still is. But I can’t imagine going back to my old eating habits after this. It doesn’t mean I’ll never eat another morsel of chocolate or bite of sweet potato in my life. But it means that I’m super aware of every little thing that’s going into my body, and I can’t imagine smashing another plastic-filled burger or preservative-laden drink into my face.


I gave my body a day to rest yesterday (ie, no new food) after the mushroom onslaught. Tonight I introduced roasted garlic, and it was delicious! I feel okay as yet, so let’s keep hoping for the best.


A year or two back, a friend (aware of my health woes), bought me a couple of fruit and nut bars that were quite nice, but I didn’t pay much attention to them because I didn’t know about SCD at the time. They’re called Nākd bars, and I spotted them again in the ‘aisle of temptation’ at my local supermarket, while I queued to pay.


Out of curiosity, I picked one up and read the ingredients: Only nuts and dates – they even list the percentages of each – and NO preservatives, no additives, NOTHING extra. So they’re safe for SCD! Well, certain flavours anyway. I can’t wait to get far enough in this diet to be able to eat them.

Beautiful Cape Town

I promised some photos of my city, and here they are. We spent the late afternoon/early evening at Blue Peter Hotel yesterday. It’s one of the most popular summer spots in Cape Town, in an area called Blouberg (‘blue mountain’). Everyone sprawls out on the grass and drinks beer and eats pizza (everyone without IBD that is ;-))

And you’ll spot our gorgeous Table Mountain in the background, sitting pretty over the freeeeezing Atlantic Ocean. Yup, our oceans are nice to look at but challenging to swim in! That’s okay though – it keeps the sharks away. Head to the other side of the peninsula, and you’ll be taking a chance in the warmer water.

Yesterday, as I sat with my friends who were drinking and ordering pizza, I was reminded yet again that it’s about the people and the surroundings, and not the food. And I actually thoroughly enjoyed myself – especially because I knew that if I got really desperate, I had a back-up banana in my bag 😉

Big Bay / Blouberg, Cape Town

Big Bay/Blouberg, Cape Town

The grassy patch outside Blue Peter with the perfect view of the mountain and the sea (but no shade!)

The grassy patch outside Blue Peter with the perfect view of Table Mountain and the sea (but no shade!)

Cape Town's waiting for you :-)

Cape Town’s waiting for you 🙂

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