Day 29: Meh. Bleh.

Those damn mushrooms! Today I don’t know how many times I went to the loo. It’s crazy how your BMs can do a 180 in such a short space of time when you have a digestive issue.


I didn’t have full-on diarrhoea, thankfully, but multiple loose-ish stools in a single day is enough to make me start worrying. I didn’t have any more mushrooms today, and I also held back on introducing the garlic. I want my system to be completely cleared after this little setback.

I also need to try to stay calm and not stress about potential flares. If it happens, it happens. Stressing about it is totally counter-productive will only make things WORSE. I do, however, understand what people mean about retreating back to your SCD ‘safe zone’, and being scared to try new things. Right now, I feel like maybe I should just eat chicken and butternut for the rest of my life!

This is not how I envision spending the rest of my life...

This is not how I envision spending the rest of my life…

I’ve discovered venison mince (can’t remember if I mentioned) and I’m really enjoying the smoky flavour. I don’t think it’s anywhere as near as healthy as ostrich mince, but damn it tastes so much better!

Being on day 29 means I’m just one day shy of my wine. I can’t wait – though K reminded me tonight that it might not agree with me. And she’s right – it probably won’t. And that will be okay too; at least I’ll know. Then it’ll be up to me to decide whether or not to continue drinking. Basically, whether or not the pain is worth it.

That’s all I have for tonight, folks. My bubbly belly wants a shower and to get into bed. It was about a million degrees celcius in Cape Town today and we spent the afternoon drinking (water) in the sun at a popular beachfront bar/hotel for a friend’s birthday. It was gorgeous, but just waaaay too hot with zero shade. I’ll post pics of my pretty city tomorrow. Before these 90 days are out, I’ll convince you to visit!

6 thoughts on “Day 29: Meh. Bleh.

  1. I’m already convinced to visit! South Africa sounds amazing. My fingers are crossed that the wine agrees with you!!!

    And that Oprah meme at the top is priceless. “EVERYONE GETS A DIARRHEA!”


  2. Yay! We’ll take you up Table Mountain 🙂 (by cable car of course – ain’t nobody got time for that hike).

    I’m holding thumbs for the wine too, but I feel bad for you that you won’t be able to have any wine for MONTHS! I’ll certainly have a glass for you 🙂

    That Oprah meme is just so apt!


    • I know, I was counting down to wine on SCD and then when I got pregnant I was like “NOOOOOO…..!”

      I just read your post today, Cape Town looks amazing! Especially since I’m stuck in the desert right now. Bleh. 🙂


  3. Where about in the desert are you? (I wrote ‘dessert’ twice there first… now I’m thinking about your cookie dough!)


  4. It sounds challenging, but interesting too. I can’t imagine living in the desert – it must be such a unique experience. I don’t know much about Arizona, but I’d love to visit. It also makes me think of Grey’s Anatomy, which reeeeally needs to come back now! (just a week more, I think).


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