Day 27: Frustration

How was your Valentine’s Day? Did you get your gut through it unscathed?

We went to a lovely restaurant at the V&A Waterfront, and pretty much had the best table in the house, overlooking the harbour and all the activity below. Absolutely stunning!

It was sad to drink only water, but given the prices of wine, cocktails, and even soft drinks, it wasn’t so bad for my wallet! For starters, we decided on oysters. I wasn’t sure if I could have them, but I figured that most meat and seafood (unless you’re allergic, or it’s fatty or bad quality) is allowed on this diet, so I went for it. I had to skip the lemon and Tobasco of course, but even with salt and pepper they were delicious! Excellent quality, and remember, oysters are loaded with zinc.

For mains, I got exactly what I’d hoped for: Rump steak cooked only in olive oil, plus black mushrooms and avo slices. It was good, although I can cook a better steak myself πŸ™‚ The plate was swimming in oil, and I think that (apart from my restaurant disaster during week 1), it’s the first time I’ve had any of it on this diet. I don’t use any oil.

The meal was tasty but I was immediately bloated afterwards, with that uncomfortable ‘pinchy’ type discomfort in my gut (left side). Do you know what I mean? Gassy I guess. It could’ve been the overload of olive oil, but I’m pretty sure it was the mushrooms.


The problem with mushrooms

According to the guys at, mushrooms can be hard on the digestive system, as they are a nightshade vegetable. IΒ find this curious because I’ve done my research, and can’t find evidence to support that mushrooms are nightshades. But either way, they don’t seem to be agreeing with me.

On Friday morning, the morning after my first night of mushrooms, I had an incredibly loose BM that was completely unexpected. I put it down to the mushrooms, but decided to keep testing. I ate more of them at lunch time, and immediately felt bloated and like I ‘needed to go’. Seeing a pattern? Then of course last night after supper, I really felt soooo uncomfortable. I was wearing a fitted top which had looked great when I left the house (I HATE wearing fitted tops usually, because I’m very self conscious of my belly. I usually buy them and wear them on that one day a year where I have a flat stomach!).


Anyway, by the time dinner was over, I had a lovely protruding belly that I couldn’t even suck in because it was too uncomfortable. That feeling is myΒ old life; my life before SCD, and I never want to go back to it. So I think mushrooms are out. Yes, it could also have been the olive oil, so I’m going to test mushrooms one more time today (I need to give it 3 days to be sure).

As much as it sucks that I might not be able to eat mushrooms, it’s extremely gratifying to know that these tests are working. To be able to pinpoint, with such certainty, exactly which foods do and don’t agree with you, is absolutely amazing – and it will help me to avoid that detestable bloating that I hate so much.

After dinner, we watchedΒ Vampire Academy. I don’t know what possessed me; I’m not into these tween sagas. I do not recommend it – even if you are! My belly ‘spoke’ throughout the movie, which entertained K no end. It makes these weird high-pitched sounds, like a descending whistle, and then the gurgling. I used to say that it was possessed! Does this happen to you? It’s so embarrassing, because others can hear it. It’s even happened to me in meetings, and I’ve wanted to crawl under the table…


So today I’ve woken up completely constipated again. This is really wearing. As much as I HATE the diarrhoea (obviously!), constipation is almost as bad. I can’t stand that feeling of a ‘full’ tummy that needs to be emptied.

I know I need to be patient, but it really isn’t one of my virtues. Perhaps once I’ve cut the mushrooms out again, things will get better.

What kinds of frustrations have you experienced on your diet?

10 thoughts on “Day 27: Frustration

  1. I’m sorry your mushroom experience hasn’t been good! I know EXACTLY what you mean about fitted shirts. I am the same way. Most of my shirts are looser to accommodate the bloating that inevitably happens. I’ve always been jealous of girls that could wear fitted things all the time. I always wondered why no one else seemed to get as bloated as I did.

    I was buying a dress for a wedding a few months ago and I tried on this gorgeous, tight, black one. It looked fantastic but I knew that if I ate or drank anything I would bloat and then I would be self-conscious and uncomfortable the rest of the night. So I ended up getting one that was tight at the bust and flowed out–perfect for chowing down on wedding food and making use of the open bar. πŸ˜‰

    When I’ve had good SCD days, I feel like I can wear those tighter shirts, and it’s amazing. Lately I haven’t been so good and I feel very bleh. My own fault I guess but once I can stomach meat again I am back on strict SCD (fingers crossed. Must stay determined.)


  2. I also always wonder how other people avoid the bloat. My mom gets it terribly too – but my sister has no problem. Then again, she eats like a bird, and I can’t imagine er EVER bingeing.

    I love that idea about the tight-in-the-bust, flowy dress. I have a similar one that I wore to a wedding too. It’s definitely the best way to go. Weddings are always a problem for me because I tend to go crazy on the food… We’re actually going to a wedding next month – it’s a whole weekend – and I have NO idea what I’m going to eat. Am I going to have to chow down on bananas and pureed carrots at the reception?!

    Anyway – that’s future Debby’s problem πŸ™‚

    How are you feeling these days? I’m glad you’re being easier on yourself, at least while you’re feeling a bit crappy. I think during pregnancy you have permission to be a little more relaxed πŸ™‚


    • I love weddings (mostly for the food and drink, haha…but it’s a sweet and special occasion too!) πŸ˜‰ A whole wedding weekend? That sounds so fun, but really tough, SCD-wise. You could put your pureed carrots in a flask, so no one knows you’re sucking down baby food at the reception. You can just let them all assume you’re a big fan of the hard liquor. πŸ˜‰

      Just kidding. I’ll think about it and try to come up with some actual helpful suggestions.

      Honestly, I’ve been feeling pretty crappy lately. :/ But some women have it much worse so I feel bad complaining. We’re going to dinner at my grandma’s house tonight, and I’m still not ready to tell everyone yet so I guess I’ll have to try to pretend that the sight of food doesn’t make my stomach churn. I’m glad I can talk about it with you at least!


      • I love that suggestion! I think it could work πŸ˜‰ and yes, everyone will think I’m totally hardcore. Excellent!

        I’m sorry you’re feeling so crappy. And you’re allowed to complain because you aren’t ‘some women’, you’re *you*, and your feelings are justified and real. Forget other people’s experiences; you’re feeling bad. That gives you the right to complain about it without feeling any guilt. I think you’ll feel a lot better after you tell your family, but obviously you have to wait til it feels right. I haven’t ever been pregnant but I can imagine it’s quite a shock to the system (in every way!) if you’re not really expecting it.

        Oh, and about weddings: I used to be exactly the same! The BEST part for me was the fooooooood and the drinks. The only reason I’m slowly reforming my thinking is because i’m scared to death of having another flare!

        (but oh, dear wedding cake, how I miss you…)


  3. It’s incredibly frustrated trying to narrow “trigger foods”. My colitis is under control fairly well… it’s dermatitis on my face from the large amounts of prednisone that seems to be triggered by what I eat. The really frustrating thing is that it’s nothing consistent…. maybe that means it’s not food after all but stress that triggers it….

    On the positive side- It sounds like you had a lovely V-day (otherwise)! Good luck with the “great mushroom experiment”!


    • Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, and for your comment. I’m sorry to hear that you’re struggling with dermatitis. I agree that stress probably aggravates it terribly. I think it aggravates all our health issues. I can actually trace back the start of my UC to when I was in a bad, emotionally abusive relationship. But it’s so hard to overcome stress in everyday life!

      The mushrooms will have to go, sadly, but I’m super excited to try garlic from today. Congrats on nailing that forearm stand. I am so envious of what I imagine your abs to look like! Super impressive, and I really like your blog.

      I wish you a calm and happy week πŸ™‚


  4. Thanks for sharing… although I wish this disease on no one, it’s certainly nice to not feel totally alone! Coincidentally, my first symptoms (that lead to a diagnosis anyway), started while going through a divorce & being in a toxic, emotionally abusive relationship as well.
    Thanks, also for reading my blog… writing is such a great way to feel heard πŸ™‚
    Happy Monday!!


    • That is so interesting to hear. Wow. It’s actually chilling when one contemplates the dire effect of stress on the body – particularly emotional stress.

      I know what you mean about not feeling alone. That’s the exact reason I started this blog. It’s helping me to connect with others, and for others to connect with me. I have amazing support around me, but unless you actually *have* IBD, it’s difficult to ‘get it’. Kindred spirits are always so comforting πŸ™‚

      You’re right – a blog is a great way to feel heard. I’m so happy to have found this community.


      • Agreed… I read your ‘about’ page… I don’t have that much for personal detail on mine but it is actually quite amazing how similar our stories are. I look forward to following your progress & wish you health!!


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