Day 26: Midnight binges and mushrooms

This diet is becoming almost second nature to me now. Almost ๐Ÿ˜‰ I never thought I’d feel this way, but today, right this minute, I don’t feel like gorging myself on chocolate and other crap. Chocolate has always been my kryptonite – so much so that if it’s in the house, Iย will wake up in the middle of the night to eat it.

Which brings me to middle-of-the-night binges. I don’t know whether I got it from my mom, queen of the 3am, pitch-dark chocolate feast, or whether we simply developed the same habits. But I cannot tell you how many times I’ve woken up in early hours, stumbled to the kitchen, and gorged myself on whatever chocolate I could find. It probably started about 7 years ago, and it began with chocolate only.


However, these binges gradually worsened. After a while, I’d wake up to graze on pretty much anything – cookies, cereal, crackers, even peanuts and peanut butter – really whatever I could easily get my hands on. It got to a point where I virtually couldn’t buy things I wasn’t planning on cooking and eating within a day or two.


These midnight binges are usually controllable when I’m eating healthily, and lately they’ve been fine. But last night I woke up at about 12am, and all I could think of was food. Luckily on this diet, there’s nothing unhealthy to binge on. Plus I’m proud to say that I still have cookies and other treats in the house, and I just won’t go near them.

Last night, I stumbled on autopilot to the kitchen and gobbled down two bananas in the dark. I justify it by saying that I did actually feel hungry. And it was bananas, not a slab of Dairy Milk ๐Ÿ˜‰

But let’s get back to the diet. Tonight I introduced mushrooms. The outdoor movie screening was cancelled due to unpredictable weather (totally unseasonal for Feb, which is usually a hot, dry month). I’d packed my mushrooms, plus a few other things, so I just ate at home. The mushrooms were delicious, cooked simply in their own water, and seasoned with salt and pepper.

Benefit of introducing mushrooms

From what I’ve read, mushrooms can be fairly tough to digest, and they don’t agree with everyone. I cooked them for 20 minutes, until they were really soft. They were a mix of white, portabello and brown.

February 2012 200

I find mushrooms really satisfying because they have a meatiness to them that other veggies don’t have. I’ll never forget when, at a gorgeous little trattoria in Rome, my sister ordered a delicious margherita pizza covered in thick, juicy slices of black mushroom. As a vegetarian, she found it nearly impossible to get past the ‘meatiness’ of the mushrooms, and couldn’t actually eat much of the pizza.

This was the pizza. I ended up nomming both my own (plain) margherita and most of my sister's mushroom-smothered one! (no surprises there)

This was the pizza – you can see the mushroom on the slice I’m nomming. I ended up devouring both my own (plain) margherita and most of my sister’s mushroom-smothered one (are we surprised?)

Anyway, my sister’s strange phobia aside, if you’re looking for something substantial that is a complete change from squashy veg (whether or not you’re a herbivore), mushrooms are the way to go. They’re also basically made for being paired with black pepper, which is a lovely legal spice at this stage.


Best of all, mushrooms are easy to prepare (simply wash and slice), and far quicker than most other SCD veg to cook. They add a very different and new dimension to your meals and they’re nice and filling. If you’re at this stage and you enjoy mushrooms, definitely try to add them if you can.

My current symptoms

I feel 99% well and healthy. On-off constipation is still getting me down, but otherwise, I feel great. A few days ago, for two days, I experienced a few minutes of stabbing pain in my lower left quadrant. I think it was my UC giving me a cheeky reminder that it’s still lurking, just waiting for any chance to pounce – which of course I’m not going to give it.

I’m still taking vitamins (B, C, D), calcium, magnesium and probiotics. My krill oil ran out and I haven’t replaced it, but I haven’t felt any different either. I’m still drinking at least 2l of water a day, which probably doesn’t help with the midnight binges, considering that I have to get up to pee about a thousand times a night!

Guys, this diet is getting easier and easier every day. It’s NOT easy and never will be, but it’s not such a battle anymore. And I’m only 5 days away from wine! Yes, the cooking takes planning, preparation and time, but in a cinch you canย always boil an egg, grab a banana, or have a bowl of pureed carrot, apple or pear (try to keep a frozen batch of each at all times).

I’m so glad I’m doing this, and whatever happens after 90 days, I know that I’m learning a much healthier, much more satisfying way of living. And hopefully I’ll eventually break through the midnight binges too ๐Ÿ™‚


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