My new batch of SCD legal drinks

So today when I arrived at work, my stash of SCD-legal drinks had arrived! I carefully checked each one and yes, they were acceptable. The rooibos tea has actual vanilla in it (not vanilla flavouring); the carrot juice is 99% carrot juice and 1% lemon juice, and the apple juice is 100% pure, with nothing added to it.

Plus, Wellness Warehouse had even thrown in a free mango body lotion and green tea body wash because it was my first order!


Throwing caution to the wind, I dived right in. I had the rooibos tea with my breakfast of boiled eggs this morning, and a little bit of apple juice (probably 100ml) about an hour ago.

Again, the rooibos tea made me feel a bit strange. I’m not sure why. Like my eyes were all ‘poppy’ or something. Maybe it’s just in my head – after all, there’s no caffeine in rooibos. Or maybe it just doesn’t agree with me.

The apple juice was, in a word, amazeballs. It was so sweet, and just tasted very, very delicious. But perhaps it was a little too much sugar for me (albeit natural) because I’m feeling the way used to feel after a cake binge! Plus I’m a little head-achy. Absolutely amazing how your body can become so sensitive to sugar after you’ve cut it out for a while. Have you experienced this at all?


I haven’t tackled the carrot juice yet but I hear from colleagues that it’s “disgusting”. Great. I’ll try it and if I can’t handle it, perhaps I can use it in my cooking or something.

I really can’t wait to introduce some coffee in the mornings (one week to go), and I’m eager to see how my body reacts to that. We have a Nespresso machine at work so at least it’ll be good quality.

To be honest, after the rooibos tea and apple juice, I was SO grateful to down an icy cold glass of water. Who’d have thought!?

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