Day 20: Friday treats!

“Friday treats” started a few years ago when I worked at a tech company that was based at a large shopping mall. The coffee shop closest to our office sold the most amazing Lindt chocolate brownies, and every Friday I bought one for K – her ‘Friday treat’.

The treats have changed over the Fridays, but they’ve always been chocolately or sugary.

Now, with both our new lifestyles – me on SCD and K trying to be healthier – Friday treats are a little less fun. Sometimes they’re non-existent! But K’s been doing so well on her healthy eating path, and she doesn’t know this yet, but I’ve actually bought a tray of those white, candy-coated Easter eggs and hidden them in the apartment, to be her Friday treat over several weeks.

I know you should never reward a person with food, especially when they’re trying to lose weight, but this isn’t prison either. And it definitely beats a box of Tinkies (like Twinkies) or a whole slab of choccie! I’ll dole them out with restraint over the coming weeks. I know she loves them.

Even before SCD, I didn’t really do Friday treats myself. Every day was pretty much ‘Friday treats’ day for me.

Now, on SCD, this is my Friday treat:

Tonight's dinner :-)

Tonight’s treat-alicious rump steak dinner

To be honest, that’s a bit of an overloaded plate, and I do feel a little stuffed now (yes I ate it all!), but I don’t have any bloating. It’s gem squash, butternut cooked until very soft, and a lovely juicy rump steak, cooked on my griddle pan. You’ll also see my trusty salt and pepper looking on 🙂 It was superb, and definitely a Friday treat!

Tip about salt

We know we have to use pure salt, with nothing added to it. But so far I’ve only managed to find this kind of salt in crystal form, which I’m not mad about. I don’t like crunching into my salt, especially when I eat things like boiled eggs and it makes me think I’ve just bitten into a piece of shell! Eew.

Today I found some Himalayan rock salt at my local wellness store, in fine granular form. I used it tonight and it’s much, much better. It also tastes wonderful, and it’s pink! For ease of use, I decanted some of it into a smaller salt shaker.


The salt I bought today. Cheap, too, at R35 for 600g.

I’m really tired of being on phase 1, which is why I’m so glad I only have 2 more days left. I had some pear puree this morning for the first time, and I wasn’t mad about the taste. That might be because I burnt the fruit a little while cooking it – the water evaporates fast so you have to watch it like a hawk!

Another benefit of salt: Helping you to avoid those awkward restaurant moments... These can be found at a local pizza franchise in South Africa :-)

Another benefit of salt: Helping you to avoid those awkward restaurant moments! These are found at a local pizza franchise in South Africa 🙂

Summing up Phase 1

I know I have 2 days to go still, but here goes anyway. Phase 1 has really been okay, for the most part. The only thing I ate that didn’t agree with me was apple puree.

I successfully added: Butternut, gem squash, zucchini and pear puree. It doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s a biiiiig step from intro!

My BMs are okay – neither great nor terrible – and I’d like them to be more frequent and forthcoming. Daily, easy BMs would make me happiest, but I have no diarrhoea or major constipation.

Before starting SCD, I thought my body could handle virtually nothing, in terms of bloating and discomfort. Now, I’m realising that those horrible symptoms may have been the result of a severely damaged gut. So it looks like I can in fact tolerate more foods that I thought, now that my gut is healing.

Happy Friday peeps! It’s just started raining here in Cape Town, and I’m comfy on the couch with my full belly. Totally not feeling guilty about staying in tonight!

Do something awesome for you this weekend – you seriously deserve it 🙂


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