Day 18: A colourful plate and a happy colon

Tonight was our Wednesday night family dinner, and the fam was most impressed by my colourful plate of food: Grilled chicken (complete with those nice griddle lines on it), bright yellow gem squash and lovely orange butternut. They kept saying how healthy and appetising it looked – and it was!

They all tucked into macaroni and cheese sauce – one of my all-time favourites. I used to have about four helpings at a time (no exaggeration).

I didn’t take a pic of my plate, but I should have. I’m not one of those ‘snap and share’ foodies like you see on Instagram, not least of all because of the snore factor of my current plates. But tonight’s dinner looked something like the pic below (just with gem squash added), which is pretty tasty looking if you ask me 🙂


Which means that I’m just a few additions and some honey away from THIS deliciousness:


The days really do pass so quickly, and I’m guessing that it’ll just be a few weeks before my food looks like the plate above (without the sweet potatoes though). SCD really is a great diet once you get past the baby steps and start to crawl 🙂

Today’s round-up

My body is doing well with the starchy veg, and it’s so exciting to be growing my list of ‘manageable’ foods every few days. Apart from the apples that didn’t agree with me, everything else has been fine. I still have some frozen pear puree so I might try that this weekend before moving on to phase 2. I think I will because I want that tuppaware back.


These are improving, are slightly more forthcoming, and definitely better formed and quite soft. I’m still taking the magnesium so I’m sure that’s helping, along with all the veg.

Today being day 18, I’ve only 12 days left until COFFEE AND WINE!! I’m no alcoholic but WATER ONLY for 18 solid days is driving me a bit batty. I’ve imposed this 30-day ban myself, as I haven’t found any formal guidelines about drinks on SCD (ie, when to introduce them). I do know that wine should be limited to dry varieties, and coffee should be ground (not instant) and weak.

Bring it oooooooooooon!


3 thoughts on “Day 18: A colourful plate and a happy colon

  1. I was actually going to ask you about when we’re allowed to introduce legal alcohol, because in spite of all my reading you seem to be much more well-informed! I’ve been okay so far (missing wine though…) but last night I was anxious and feeling weird and I just wanted a drink! I realize it’s only been 6 days…so that sounds kind of pitiful. Haha. But you haven’t found any guidelines for introducing alcohol or coffee either?

    And following that, a confession: I cheated last night. I was facing the prospect of taking both the applesauce and the carrots out of my diet so I could figure out what was causing my symptoms, which would leave me with nothing but MEAT AND BROTH to eat (I did the juice/gelatin for a couple days but I got some bloat and nausea from it). So I kind of fell apart and decided to have a cheat night, with full intention of returning to SCD tomorrow (which is now today). And, I think it’s okay. I am back on SCD today and motivated (I feel crappy after all that food, and of course none of it tasted as good as I was imagining it would). I also didn’t make myself start over from day 1, because I think setbacks are normal and just okay. Plus, starting over from day 1 would have crushed me. So I still got to write that 6 on my hand today, and it felt good.

    I just wanted to thank you for this blog, it has been so helpful to me. I’ve found other SCD blogs but many of them aren’t current or aren’t updated very frequently. Being able to read your updates and feeling like there is someone else out there that is actually doing this too is really motivating for me. Your posts are well-written and informative. So thank you!!!


  2. Also, you are right about the baby steps thing. There are so many great things I’ll be able to eat, I just have to get through the next month or two and then my options will start opening up. Trying to keep that in mind!


  3. Hey Heather

    Your posts always make me smile and it feels like we’re going through this together 🙂 as supportive as friends and family are, no one completely understands unless they’re also staring at a bowl of pureed carrots and meat broth (ugh!) and wondering how they’re going to force it down… again.

    I think the fact that you’re back on track is awesome. I think if I cheated I’d throw in the towel completely! Definitely don’t beat yourself up about it. So what? It was one day, you haven’t done any major damage, and as you say, it was even as good as you’d hoped, so you’ve got it out of your system.

    I’ve committed to updating this blog every day for at least the first 90 days, so the posts will keep coming.

    Re the drinks. ARGH! I’ve done a ton of research about it and I think I’ll do a post about it tonight. I’m actually going to try some rooibos tea. I’m not sure where in the world you’re based, but it’s a tea that’s made mostly here in South Africa, from one of our indigenous plant species. It has a lot of health benefits. You can also drink black tea, peppermint and spearmint tea, but apparently chamomile and green tea are verboten. Alcohol will always irritate a damaged gut which is why there’s not much info about it, and Elaine says that if you must indulge (and yes, I MUST!), you should do it occasionally. The guys say that one or two drinks, one or two days a week, should be okay. Vodka is also fine, but what the heck to mix it with?! Welch’s?! I’ve just ordered some organic carrot juice from a health shop, as well as some 100% apple juice. I’ll obviously check them out carefully before I have them. But yes, I’ll do a post about it and include some links. I also found another useful SCD FAQ link which I’ve got saved on my laptop at home, so I’ll send that to you later (please remind me if I forget). It covers so many of the FAQs we have, including what to do if you cheat!

    Good luck for today!


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