Day 17: Squashy belly

Today I introduced squash to my diet and so far, so good: I have a belly full of it and no bloat. And by ‘squash’, I’m referring to these babies:


I’m not sure what you call it in other parts of the world, but here it’s just ‘squash’ or ‘gem squash’ if you’re being fancy.

I cooked up 12 relatively small ones so that I’ll have enough to test it over three days.

Remember that a good way to test a new food is to consume it like this:

First day: Eat 1/2 a cup of the new food at one meal of the day

Second day: Eat 1/2 a cup of the new food at at least 2 meals of the day 

Third day: Eat at least 1 1/2 cups of the new food on this day, but don’t exceed 2 cups

Easy peasy! And by cooking up a big batch, you’re prepared for all three days. I also made double the amount of meat tonight so that my lunch of chicken and squash is ready and waiting in the fridge for tomorrow.

I skipped my post-dinner banana to properly gauge any bloaty side effects of the squash, and 2 hours later, all seems fine. I still consume about 6 bananas a day even though I know they sometimes cause mild discomfort. The side effects aren’t severe enough to make me stop, especially when they’re the only sweet thing in my diet, but I will take a break from them when I’ve phased more foods in.

The evil Lord Bloat Banana. But they aren't all bad.

The evil Lord Bloaty Banana. But they aren’t all bad.

I’ve also been using a griddle pan to cook my chicken and it makes SUCH a big difference, taste wise. I’m still not ready to go back to boiled chicken yet, but grilled is quite delicious.

Current round up

I’m still not happy with the state of my BMs. They’re not as regular and happily forthcoming, once or twice a day, as they were before I started this diet. I’ve been taking magnesium for about 3 days and I’m eating more veg but I don’t think there’s much roughage in my diet. That said, roughage and I have a rather, well, rough history (as I’m sure most people with IBD do), so I’m always happier with less of it in my life. Will keep investigating ways to improve my constipation.

I’m pretty moody. I mean, I’ve always been a moody person but I’m particularly snappish at the moment, and K bears the brunt of it. Amazing how food not only touches but influences every part of our lives, and even our personalities. All the more reason to take control of it and STOP it controlling us.

I get joint pain occasionally – in my knees mainly – but so infrequent it’s hardly worth mentioning. I’m still about 2kg down so feeling less bloated and unccomfortable all round, and I’m still exercising with success, although I definitely have less energy now that I’m virtually carb-free.

I continue to feel very positive about this diet and believe it is only doing me good. I regret not getting a measure of my inflammation before starting, but I think the proof will be in the pudding. Very excited to move on to Phase 2 after I’m done testing squash.

Where are you on the diet, and how’s it going?

Moody Cat is ready for Phase 2

Moody Cat is ready for Phase 2

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