Day 15: 6 Resources everyone needs for the SCD

Day 15 means I’m 1/6 of the way to 90 days! Despite the challenges, it’s gone fairly quickly and I feel okay.

The butternut is going well. I haven’t been pureeing it – simply cooking it for long enough to make it fall apart, and of course de-seeding and peeling it.

To celebrate being 1/6 of the way to my goal, I thought I’d give you 6 great SCD resources that will really help you to make it through this diet:

1. These guys have mastered the SCD and not only share their knowledge, but are constantly updating it too, based on their own experiences, the experiences of their patients, and (what I’m guessing is) thousands of hours of research. Be sure to buy a copy of their book before you get started – you’ll be referring to it ALL the time, and it’s an absolutely brilliant resource. Get it via their site.

2. Another superb resource for the SCD, full of clear and useful instructions, as well as the phases broken down in detail.  You’ll also find recipes and a list of SCD legal and illegal foods.

3. Breaking the Vicious Cycle, by Elaine Gottschall: Elaine developed the SCD many years ago, providing the road-map we all know and use today. It is essential reading for anyone contemplating the SCD.

4. Your doctor: SCD is not a replacement for medical treatment; it’s a supplement. The idea is for diet, medicine and natural supplements to all work together to restore you to health. Some people have managed to come off their drugs after achieving success on the SCD – to wit, that is my aim too – but in the beginning, do not stop your medication. Your best shot at health is a combination of nature and science, at least while you’re recovering.

5. Your nutritionalist: It’s very difficult (though not impossible) to do the SCD alone. Try to find a nutritionalist who specialises in this diet, or GAPS, Paleo or FODMAP. They’ll also be able to ensure that you’re getting sufficient nutrients at all stages, and will be a great help throughout the diet.

6. YOU: Your determination to heal is going to be your best and most important resource during this journey. Without it, you won’t make it through. As my favourite trainer Jillian Michaels says, you have to know why you’re doing something, because without the ‘why’, it’s almost impossible to commit to the ‘how’. It’s true for exercise and, trust me, it’s very very true for SCD.


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