Day 12: So over the food

Yesterday I spoke about focusing on other things besides food when you doing the SCD, which is a really important coping strategy for the diet.

Today, I focused on so many things – mainly work-related – and had an active and busy day. But despite all that, one overwhelming feeling wove its way through my day: I’m so sick of this food.

When I bit into my umpteenth banana today; when I dished up my pureed carrot; when I thought about scheduling in my cooking this weekend, I just felt totally over it. While I haven’t typed “sick of SCD food” into Google, I’m pretty sure I’ll discover that this is normal, especially in the beginning.

Me in the kitchen today

Me in the kitchen today

When I spoke to an SCD nutritionalist about a month ago, she told me that the first month is the hardest. In fact, she told me that it’s very hard to do the SCD on your own, which I think was the exact type of challenge I needed to get me going.

Today, all I wanted was some nice sweet fruit – watermelon or peaches or strawberries. I wanted to be able to open my fridge and pull out whatever the hell I wanted to eat – and not have to peel it, de-seed it and cook it for a million hours. I wanted to try the Oreos sandwiched with peanut butter that my colleague told me about. I wanted… my old diet. But I also know I don’t want my old problems, and that’s what keeps me going.

Right now I'd eat a terracotta tile if it were covered in peanut butter

Right now I’d eat a terracotta tile if it were covered in peanut butter

One day, hopefully on day 90, I’ll look back on this and be so proud of myself for pushing through. 12 days is nothing to sneeze and and I am proud. But I’m also bored with my diet and frustrated!

For me, it’s more about the long-term benefits: I wasn’t in a flare when I started this. My symptoms were completely controlled by meds. But I want to get off the meds, hence the diet. So if I am improving, I’m not necessarily going to know about it until I try to ease off the Asacol. There’s no immediate gratification that so many other SCDers experience, which makes it a bit more difficult to persevere. HOWEVER, I love the feeling of less bloatedness, so that is definitely an improvement and a step in the right direction.

That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t kill for a slab of chocolate, an icy drink and a giant handful of peanuts right about now!

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