Day 10: An exercise in futility

I’m not gonna lie, it felt awesome to write ’10’ on my hand today – double digits and one 9th of the way there.

TEN days in. Happy.

Still on boiled eggs for breakfast and bananas for lunch. I was ravenous by about 4pm and there was nothing I could do about it, because I was still stuck at the office. Don’t let this happen to you! I must make a plan to start eating more, and start carrying more food with me. One of the toughest things about SCD is if you’re stuck without food, you’re really screwed. I mean, where are you going to find some pureed carrots or even a really-really ripe banana just lying around? 

Anyway, tonight I introduced zucchini! Silly me – I peeled it and chopped it up, thinking that if I boiled it for long enough, the seeds would simply fall out. No, that’s not what happens.


One does not simply… de-seed a zucchini

What did in fact happen was that I ended up with tiny pieces of well-cooked, falling-apart marrow (we call zucchini ‘marrow’ in SA) that were nearly impossible to de-seed without completely obliterating.

Nonetheless, I battled through it, removed as many of the seeds as I could, and was left with about a third of what I started with.

Next time I'll do it like this.

Next time I’ll do it like this

And now I’m bloated.

But I know that could just be the banana too (I had five today, although the bloat only kicked in after dinner. Really guys, don’t base your diet on mine – I’m often a poor example). Also, I eat a ‘big’ meal at dinner time, so I probably overload my tummy. Tonight’s dinner was carrot puree (probably about a cup and a half), 2 small ostrich meatballs and the zucchini, followed by a banana.


Meat rotations

I’m rotating my meats on a 3-day cycle, so at least there’s that. At the moment I’m doing the ostrich, as well as lean mini steaks and boiled chicken (skin and bone in, but I don’t eat the skin). Nutritionalists, as well as the SCDLifestyle guys themselves, recommend rotating all your food at least every 3 to 4 days to avoid developing intolerances. Once I’m further along in the phases I’ll start changing up my breakfast and banana-lunches as well.

Today’s exercise

I felt like I had much more energy today, and I really think it was a state of mind. I got home from work late and wasn’t in the mood to exercise. But realising I was about to bail on my routine sparked this sudden inner outrage that I can’t explain, and I jumped into my workout gear and got going. It was much easier today (I also nommed a banana beforehand) and I felt GOOD.

I never really experience those ‘feel good’ endorphins after exercising that people rave about. Generally, I need to get a new piercing to feel those. BUT I do feel a very satisfying sense of achievement which I love, and which is soooo worth it.

So 10 days in, how do I feel?

Proud, mostly. Proud that I’ve decided to do this thing and I’m sticking to it. Proud that I’m not cheating, not dead, and still functioning as a member of society and exercising person.

Happy that I’ve lost a little weight and am feeling less sluggish and bloated (for the most part).

Frustrated that I still feel like I lack energy and am not getting enough food and natural nutrients. But I know it’ll come…

A little sad fact that so many delicious treats are still so far away, or out of bounds completely.

And resigned to the fact that cake is dead to me. Yesterday, I mistook a large book on someone’s desk for a chocolate cake. For real. I miss cake the most, especially my dad’s (he’s an amazing baker).

But overwhelmingly, I feel happy and pretty chuffed with myself.

How are you feeling?

do a little more each day than you think you can copyits-neve-rtoo-late-to-change-lifeYouCanDoThis1

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