Day 9: I started exercising again. Here’s how THAT went

I didn’t work out last week due to intro – I felt I just didn’t have the strength. And thanks to the intensity of the workouts I do, I often feel like I might puke afterwards. I definitely didn’t think I could handle that on top of the nausea I already felt!

Oh Jillian, how I missed you.

Since about May last year, I’ve been doing the Jillian Michaels DVDs. I love the exercises, I love the intensity, and I love Jillian. I think that has a lot to do with how hot she is. I mean, come on, who doesn’t want to work out with this every day:


She doesn’t often work out in heels, but when she does, it’s awesome 😉 Okay I’m kidding… but wouldn’t that be amazeballs?

She’s also hugely motivating – I really agree with so many of the things she says, like how we’re much stronger than we think we are, and how we can do anything we set our minds to. I really need to be reminded of that every now and then. Here are two of my favourite Jillian quotes:

Quotation-Jillian-Michaels-motivation-motivational-inspirational-effort-day-change-inspiration-Meetville-Quotes-98902 Transformation-isnt-a-future1

I’ve done the whole of Ripped in 30, 30 Day Shred, Yoga Meltdown and 6 Week 6-pack. I’ve also attempted Extreme Shed and Shred but that was just crazy!

A few weeks ago I started Body Revolution, which is supposed to be her most intense workout series yet, and spans 3 months. During the first week, you can boost your weight-loss/toning by doing the 30-minute workout video PLUS the 30-minute cardio video… which I did. I had THAT much energy.

How I felt working out on SCD

Today… not so much. It’s been 10 days which is a fairly long hiatus from exercise, but I’m pretty fit and I’ve taken breaks before (though not usually this long), and never found it so hard to get back into it. I felt much weaker today, and struggled to do things I usually find manageable, like planks and lifting dumbbells. I think I need to eat more – even if it’s just more of what I am eating. I think my body is really feeling the effects of a total carb black-out and it still needs a bit of time to adjust.

But I’ll never give up on the JM workouts – I just love her too much 😉 And also, there are some other benefits besides the eye candy (I know – who knew?!).

Why exercise is good for UC

Apart from all the obvious advantages we know about exercise – helping to stave off dire diseases, keeping our weight in check, boosting brain function, improving circulation and every other good thing that exists for the human body – it also really, really helps the gut.

I immediately felt things shifting and working inside my belly, and after the workout, I had a fairly normal BM – my second of the day which makes me REALLY happy. No more constipation!

If you’re having a flare, it’s a really bad idea to work out vigorously – or even at all in some instances. Be guided by your doctor.

I didn’t know this during my first flares, and pushed through relentlessly, which probably made things so much worse. I don’t know how I did it, but I was defiant. The only days I didn’t work out were the few days when my feet were so sore I could barely walk . Do any of you get sore feet during a flare?

Anyway, light exercise is always recommended, and the guys at say that it actually aids in the healing process. So go for walks or bike rides, or whatever else you enjoy. I think even a bit of Jillian is okay – I certainly don’t want to give it up. But do bear in mind that super vigorous exercise is never really recommended for UC patients. Here’s why, explained by Jordan and Steve at

“Strenuous exercise (sprinting, performing work where you are so out of breath you can’t talk) breaks down your muscle fibers at a micro level and causes inflammation requiring the body to repair these muscle fibers and clear out the inflammation to make them bigger and stronger. In the SCD
diet we are trying very hard to reduce inflammation throughout the entire body, so creating excess inflammation can be counterproductive. Also if your body is busy shuttling nutrients to your muscles to repair them it will not be working on repairing your intestinal injuries.”

So there you have it. Don’t kick the exercise, but maybe take it down a notch. I might have to, lest I undo all this good work. I know my limits but I push through them anyway. Everything in excess with me – another of my challenges. And getting stuck in ruts. I’m STILL doing mostly intro food which means I MUST introduce a new veg tomorrow.

Speaking of challenges, it’s been 9 days on this diet – which also means 9 days without any booze, coffee, juice, sugar – everything! Where are you on the diet? Give yourself a damn good pat on the back. Freaking rockstar!

To congratulate you on how well you’ve done, here’s a little gift from me: A few more Jillian pics 😛 And if you’re not a Jillian Michaels fan… go google some pics of Ryan Gosling 😉

JillianMichaels jillian-michaels jillian-michaels-30-day-shred-workout jillian-michaels-68378

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