Day 7: I made the mistake that you think you’ll never make



The weather was beautiful today so K and I decided to act like tourists in our city, catch a ‘blacksi’ into town (a blacksi is a cheap, informal, somewhat dangerous minibus taxi most often used by black people to get to work, but very much a way of life for many South Africans), and stroll around Long Street, Greenmarket Square and St George’s Mall. It was fantastic! I have roamed these streets tirelessly over the years, especially when I worked in the CBD, and I never get bored of them. There’s always a great atmosphere, a fun ‘hustle and bustle’ in the air, and just a general holiday vibe. Best of all, I was prepared for the day: I ate a bowl of apple puree before we left (I introduced it today – yay!) and loaded my bag with a very ripe banana. All set!

For a late lunch, we settled on a popular burger joint on Long Street. I obviously wasn’t going to eat, but K felt so sorry for me. And truthfully, I was hungry, but dead-set against the idea of ordering anything at all. I just knew they wouldn’t understand when I asked for a plain chicken breast, no seasoning, simply grilled, and I’d add salt. But K convinced me to ask the waitress, who said it was no problem, and barely batted an eyelid. Cool.


No, not cool. It arrived, and I could instantly see and taste that it had been seasoned and cooked in oil. The oil isn’t the end of the world, because I could do with the fat (though of course I have no idea what oil it was), but the seasoning freaked me out.

As soon as I finished eating it (I simply cannot leave food untouched on my plate!), I started feeling bloated and deeply remorseful. I felt like I’d been tricked and cheated, and I had no one to blame but myself. Plus, I was still hungry after such a measly morsel, but didn’t feel like eating a banana and possibly aggravating the bloatedness even more.

Learning From Mistakes

I spent a fair amount of time panicking about what might be in my system, but it’s in there and luckily I’ve laid a good foundation over the past 7 days. My carrots are boiling away as I type, and those, combined with some very plain meatballs today and tomorrow, should set me right.

Also, it was one piece of food; one stupid mistake, and I have to move on, right? It’s happened, it’s done, and boy have I learnt from it. Also, I know that there’s an undeniable link between my head and my gut, so who’s to say that the bloating might not, in part, have something to do with the panic that went on in my brain?

NOTE: Remember I said earlier that I introduced apple puree today? I am aware that discomfort could be from that too, so I’ll continue to test it tomorrow and the next day.

Never eating out again?

There are many things that I understand and relate to on the SCD, but I just can’t fathom never ordering another restaurant meal, though when one looks at all the facts, it’s clear that it’s impossible.

We have a Valentine’s Dinner coming up in a few weeks, at a very fancy restaurant. What will I order? What if they screw it up?

No point in worrying about it now though – it’s weeks away and anyway, as I learnt yesterday, it IS possible to successfully navigate a restaurant visit. It’s tough though to think that one might have to deprive one’s significant other of some significantly amazing meals – or worse, make them eat alone. Luckily the latter isn’t a problem for K, but still, for a romantic night out, who wants a dining partner who’s sipping on water without even a slice of lemon?


THIS DIET IS HARD, PEOPLE. Don’t give up. Don’t do it. It’s so worth it, and the things your gut tells you are correct. If you are in any doubt about eating a food, DON’T eat it. Always carry food with you so you aren’t tempted to cheat, and stay positive! The own unique diet you’re creating for yourself becomes a comfort rather than a constraint, and that’s a beautiful thing to have.

I hope you enjoyed the motivationals in this article. I found them pretty reassuring, so I’ll share a few more below. Forgive yourself, get over it, and get back on track. The egg was particularly close to my heart 🙂



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