Day 6: The surprising way that people respond to UC

Happy Friday! Before I start with today’s catch up, here’s a little something you might enjoy:


Refer to this when you feel a dietary wobble coming on 😉

Today was tricky, though not in terms of diet. I learnt that the one ingredient you need when navigating a food-based social situation is humour – and luckily it’s one of the few things you don’t have to phase in 😉

Due to an extremely busy week with long hours at the office and minimal awake-hours at home, I’ve still not had time to prepare 4-hour carrots, so once again it was a day of too many bananas and too many eggs.

I’m happy with my eggs and banana, though I know this must end and better planning MUST be made a priority. Today after work, I rounded up several bags of carrots, some ostrich mince and a few other bits and pieces that I’ll cook up this weekend. This time, I’ll make bigger batches and freeze more of it so that I always have food on hand.

So that work lunch we were meant to have at the Mexican place on Monday was postponed until today. It was every bit as awkward to navigate as I thought it’d be.

For one thing, the ONLY fluid I am drinking at the moment is water. I want to do SCD as meticulously as I can, hence keeping my liquids pure too. So when you’re not drinking booze on a Friday after work, people are confused. By the time the fourth person asked me (and the previous three had become either glazed over or grossed out when I explained UC), the conversation went something like this:

Colleague: “Why aren’t you drinking?”

Me: “It’s a long story. But I’m not an alcoholic or anything. Okay, it was heroin. But they tell you to just cut everything out to be safe.”

He laughed at that because I’m the least heroin-chic looking person I know.

Anyway, everyone wanted to know why I wasn’t eating and drinking. It doesn’t help that I blush profusely when I explain UC. I mean, it’s not exactly the easiest thing to talk about!

But I made it out with nothing but water having passed my lips, and although I was ravenous when I got home, I was super proud that I didn’t cave in. I love Mexican food so it wasn’t fun to decline. And although my banana ‘ice cream’ (refer to end of post) gave me a bit of bloat, it was nothing compared to what I’d have experienced after a gluten-loaded, dairy-rich Mexican feast (I’m also lactose intolerant).

What did amaze me was this, though:

I’ve been at the company about 3 months, and have never smoked at work. I’m an occasional smoker (terrible for my health, I know, but I’ll cover that in another post). Sometimes I go months without a cigarette, and other times I smoke for 3 days in a row. Anyway, when I lit up today, no one batted at eyelid. Smoking and gorging on unhealthy food doesn’t raise an eyebrow. But trying to look after your health – well, that’s another story, and people just don’t get it.

I’m thrilled to be as far as I am. I’m 6 days in and I’m excited to introduce apple puree tomorrow, and some new veg next week. I’ve lost about 2kg but that was to be expected. SCD is known to help people maintain their correct weight: If you’re overweight, you lose, and if you’re underweight, you gain. When I started this diet, I was about 2-3kg over what I like to be, so I’m not complaining. But I haven’t done this as a weight-loss solution!

NB! Portion control

Biggest lesson of the day: PORTION CONTROL. At work, I have only the food I’ve brought from home. At home, I have all the food. Eating 2 bananas in a row is not a problem; eating 5 is. This has and always will be my biggest food challenge.

I don’t mind eating a very limited diet (though this isn’t recommend, for a myriad reasons, not least of all a nutrient deficiency – but also the risk of becoming intolerant to foods you overeat). But I do mind not eating enough. I always joke that I don’t have a ‘full’ switch; I just keep eating. I really need to stop that shit.


I have a weird red rash that’s popped up all over my body – legs, belly, arms. Googling it obviously tells me a million different things, including the fact that it could be a symptom of die-off. That said, I’ve also started using a new body lotion, and it’s been hot, and and and… it could be one of a hundred things, and it’s not bothering me. Just interesting to note.

Banana ice cream

I learnt how to make this lovely treat a while back, and was thrilled to rediscover it when I started SCD. Check out my Day 3 post for the recipe.

Happy weekend!

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