Day 4: Phase 1 – Banananaaaaaaaaa

You have to pronounce it like the Beethoven symphony! (that’s not a link to the symphony – it’s actually a link to a great banana joke on The Oatmeal – love The Oatmeal and it’s the only kind I’m not intolerant to!).

Today was super exciting – I introduced bananas. And yes… it was every bit as sweet and tasty as I imagined (you’d think I’d gone 4 years on a deserted island without bananas, instead of a grand total of 4 days).

When I got home this evening, K greeted me with:

“So, before you do anything else, tell me: How amazing were those bananas?”

Everyone needs a K in their life when they’re doing SCD. It doesn’t have to be a partner – it can be a sibling or friend or parents or even your lawyer (an attorney friend of mine recently said that people prefer to pour out their hearts to their lawyers than their psychologists!).

I must admit, although I feel 90% fine today, I didn’t eat the healthiest selection of food. Well, that’s the problem – it wasn’t a selection. Due to the fact that I ran out of most of my intro food (and I couldn’t face another day of it anyway), I ended up eating eggs for breakfast, bananas for lunch, and eggs and bananas for dinner! I don’t think that’s ideal but I guess it’s one way to find out whether your gut dislikes something.

After dinner, I felt a little bit of mild bloating, but it had subsided within an hour – rather than growing worse and worse until bed time. I probably shouldn’t have eaten 3 bananas on top of the 2 I’d already had, and I’ve long suspected that bananas don’t always agree with me, so this is a good time to find out for sure.

That said, if this (right now) is how I always feel after eating bananas, I’ll keep ’em 🙂

My mood fluctuates but mostly at work, thanks to irksome colleagues 😛 I feel almost like my normal self, and can’t wait to get back to exercising next week (I’ll tell you more about my routine then).

Will keep testing bananas for another day or two, plus tomorrow I plan to have a nice meaty supper.

BMs… well, they’re at a virtual standstill at the moment. Weird how one can go from a 12-a-day flare to this. But to be fair, I’m missing a vital step – I am on Asacol and it, plus cortisone, cleared up my last flair about 3 months ago. So I have had lovely regular BMs for a while now, but I know it’s because of the Asacol and that didn’t sit well with me.

Every now and then I think ahead to all the amazing foods I’ll be able to introduce over the coming weeks and months, and I’m so excited. Remember that SCD is a customised diet – there’s no ‘one size fits all’. You have to test each food on its own and gauge your own reactions. Be in tune with your body and know your symptoms. Keep a record of what does and doesn’t agree with you.

But I’m still a newb at all this. You should definitely consult a doctor, naturalist and/or nutritionalist who works with SCD. You need to make SURE that you’re getting all the nutrients and supplements your body requires to keep you healthy.

Successful management of your condition means a combination of diet, supplements, probiotics and medication.

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