10 tricks for getting through SCD intro

1. Commit to it. Set a starting date and stick to it. Tell people and write it down.

2. For your own comfort, try to do SCD over a period when you’ll be at home and have no commitments. This is not essential but it does help and relieves a lot of the worry. Do not let this become an excuse to not start the diet.

3. Think ahead. I know we should all live in the moment, but for the purposes of the SCD intro diet, this is not always a great idea – especially when the moment is green with nausea. Just think ahead to the end of intro – 2 to 5 days away. You can do anything for 2 to 5 days.

4. Find a shoulder. Every SCD’er needs a sympathetic ear. It can be your partner, a good friend, or ideally, someone who’s also doing the diet. But whoever it is, they need to be understanding and willing to listen to you moan (within reason). They should also be the kind of person who won’t eat chocolate in front of you.

5. Prepare all your food in advance, and refrigerate/freeze it. Trust me, the last thing you want to while you’re feeling crappy is start cooking. The SCD Lifestyle guys recommend preparing all your food the day before you start.


You can get creative, even on SCD

6. Tell people. Your friends will understand that you’re trying everything in your power to fix your health. They won’t understand you flat-out refusing their bread-and-butter pudding made so lovingly, just like grandma’s.

7. Remember why you’re doing it. When it gets hard – and it will – think about why you committed to the diet in the first place. Imagine being healthy, and hold onto that image for as long as it takes to find the motivation to continue.

8. Be prepared to take your own food with you if you go out during intro. This is good practice because it’ll be the case through most of the phases, and indeed often in life.

9. Always work with a doctor or trained nutritionalist. You need to ensure that your body is getting all the supplements and medication it needs to aid in healing. These will work in conjunction with your diet.

10. STOP if the diet is not working for you. There are others; this is not the only option for you.

Don't forget to eat frequently!

Don’t forget to eat frequently!

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