Day 3 – Back to good, and a banana recipe

It’s the end of Day 3 and I feel good! Yesterday was definitely the hardest, culminating in being awoken by an intense and urgent need to vomit at about midnight.

But I woke up this morning and the nausea was gone. I even managed to eat my soup without too many tears, so my nausea really must’ve been the result of ‘die off’, which I’d ignorantly thought I’d avoid, due to my already semi-healthy diet. Today, I really felt back to my normal self (but without bloat!) – except for perhaps being a little weaker than usual.

Just to recap, these are the die-off symptoms you might experience:

– Fever

– Nausea and/or vomiting

– Diarrhoea/constipation

– Brain fog

– Joint pain

– Bloating/gas

– Fatigue

– Intense cravings

– General flu-like symptoms

Here’s a great article by the guys at about die-off.

While these symptoms sound terrible (and they really can be!), they are fleeting. I went to work throughout, but if you’re going to do intro, it might be best to do it over a long weekend or a ‘staycation’ at home. I kept putting mine off – just one more party; just one more family dinner – until I forced myself to set a date. If you don’t, you’ll never get started. Just do it.

Tonight I also prepared some pureed pear and pureed apple (separately, of course) which I’ll start testing later this week. Tomorrow I introduce bananas, which is hugely exciting for me. I love bananas. I bought these ones days ago to make sure they’d be ripe enough for tomorrow. Remember, raw bananas need to be properly ripe, with those brown spots. Luckily that’s when I’ve always enjoyed them most, but a lot of people can’t stomach them.

Banana ice cream

You can also make banana ice cream by chopping a few bananas into pieces, freezing them, and then pureeing them in a food processor. Delicious!

I’m still writing the numbers on my had. Here’s today’s shot:


One 30th of the way there! Or – three days less to go 🙂

How’s your journey going?

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