Day 2 – things I didn’t expect

Today, this is what I needed to keep reminding myself:


I’m not going to lie to you guys. I’m only 2 days in and this is hard. The chicken ‘broth’ nauseates me more than anything I’ve ever smelt or tasted. But I know how good it is for me.

I’ve also been foggy brained and generally feeling blah. I had a fairly loose BM this morning which is strange, because the Asacol has really ‘firmed’ things up! But apparently on the intro diet one should expect to experience constipation or diarrhoea.

Luckily, I’m not really craving anything sweet – or anything at all. I think my body (or my brain?) realises it’s futile and has given up. I definitely think there’s a huge body/brain connection when it comes to the gut, and indeed the body over all.

I’ve felt nauseated all day, but I also think that’s because I messed up the soup somewhere along the line. The good news is that I’m experiencing zero bloating or belly discomfort, which is amazing. Drinking cold water also helps with nauseousness. I’m sooo looking forward to adding pureed apples and pears in a few days – so much so that I bought all my fruit today.

I’ve also taken the advice of Jordan and Steve and started writing the days on my hand – so today, I have a big fat ‘2’ inked in. Every time I look down, I see the 2 – and instead of being discouraged by how far I have to go,  I think about how awesome it’s going to be when it reaches double digits.

So far today, I’ve eaten:

– 2 boiled eggs for breakfast

– Chicken soup and 2 meatballs for lunch

– 1 boiled egg as a snack

I intend to have carrots and meatballs for supper.

I know I should change up the way I’m prepping my eggs, but as I go to work every morning, it’s easiest to take hard boiled with me. Perhaps this weekend I’ll do something totally crazy and scramble them 😛

I’ve extremely fortunate to have K supporting me. I think everyone needs someone to listen to them – even if (or especially if) it’s just to moan about how crappy you feel.

One day (well 36 hours) left of intro and then it’s on to Phase 1!

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